Dream Domination

Pipedream Products has earned multiple international accolades in its 20-year history, including Manufacturer of the Year titles from XBIZ, StorErotica, ETO, EAN and SIGN; however the most sentimental honor came from the major chain retailer Spencer’s as its choice for Vendor of the Year.

Pipedream was the only adult company to win the award in a pool of more than 300 mainstream, gift, and apparel manufacturers.

The difference between Pipedream and the competition is that we have a dream team that believes in what I’m selling and shares the same passion.

“It was one of the most humbling experiences in my life,” Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino said. “They’re a major player in our industry — the biggest. Spencer’s sells about 250 of our SKUs. It’s a monster, and Pipedream continually puts the right products in there that sells. Right now, I think we’re No.1 in five [of Spencer’s] categories. When they need something done, we get it done.”

While Pipedream Products continues to capture mainstream media’s attention with its Celebrity Series of love dolls parodying some of Hollywood’s most infamous stars, bachelorette and gag gifts appearing on NBC’s sitcom “Outsourced,” and accolades from Spencer’s, Orlandino says he rejects being branded as a mainstream company.

“Our approach is not mainstream, our industry is not there yet,” Orlandino said. “Fuck Me Silly will never sell at a mainstream store. We concentrate on building our brand within the adult industry.”

Orlandino’s history with Spencer’s dates back to his teenage years working for Forum Novelties in New York, where he loaded trucks often headed to the specialty retailer’s warehouse, and eventually moved up in ranks as general manager. While juggling school, sports and dreams of rock’n’roll stardom, Orlandino eventually decided on becoming a novelty entrepreneur, and chose Pipedream as his vehicle.

According to Orlandino, he became acquainted with the company through various industry tradeshows and hit it off with the then small company’s staff. In 1992, Orlandino joined Pipedream as vice president of sales and marketing. After doubling the company’s sales in the first two years, Orlandino was made a partner at the age of 23.

Pipedream produces in brands — evidenced by the company’s growing assortment of catalogs such as Fetish Fantasy, Icicles and Mia Isabella’s Big Secret Collection.

In 2005, Pipedream Products introduced the Fetish Fantasy collection, which has since flourished as a leading line for BDSM beginners and novices worldwide. Fetish Fantasy was honored at this year’s Adultex trade show in Australia, and was voted Best Brand at the 2010 ETO Awards.

This year, Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Extreme line is in the running for a Best Brand ETO Award.

This month, Pipedream will debut a new arm to its Fetish Fantasy series with Fetish Fantasy Elite, as well as Metal-Works, a line of stainless steel toys. According to Orlandino, offering complete collections enables Pipedream to sell retailers on entire walls of product, rather than individual items.

The owner takes a hands-on approach to leading his company, participating in the development process of Pipedream’s products from start to finish.

“I have a passion for this industry like no other,” Orlandino said. “It’s my business and my hobby, and I won’t stop working until I’m in a coffin. I’m completely hands on from A to Z. I know everything and everyone in our facility. My office has two doors and both are always open to talk to employees. We’re nimble; we move quickly to stay competitive.”

What results, Orlandino says are exciting, off the wall products that make people laugh, think and then buy. Success, however, also breeds imitators.

“There’s been a pattern of people trying to figure out my formula,” Orlandino said. “‘How is he doing this?’ It’s product, it’s commitment. The difference between Pipedream and the competition is that we have a dream team that believes in what I’m selling and shares the same passion.”

In addition to serving its adult clientele, Pipedream Products also reaches out to its mainstream fans with daily contact through social media sites. The company’s Facebook page and Twitter profile stay active with updates announcing promos, giveaways and random sexy chatter to keep fans and followers entertained. Pipedream’s website also serves up knowledge to consumers with product demo videos and Sexperts that are ready and willing to answer personal questions involving pleasure products.

Orlandino said he and the Pipedream team see the future as offering limitless opportunity for continued success and development.

“We’re very excited about the future,” Orlandino said. “We’re constantly sourcing, looking for better manufacturing techniques and materials. We’re always aggressive — we don’t wait for it to come to us.”