Nobu Fetish BR1 Under the Bed Restraints

Nobu Fetish BR1 Under the Bed Restraints
When you need to be discreet about your bondage kink, simply slide this under-the-bed restraint system, and your guests will never know. The X-shaped straps fit underneath and expose simple D-rings where you can attach the four furry restraints for excellent four-point, spread-eagle bondage. The restraints are comfortable without having a metal “frame” and can easily be pulled on when your subbie starts to squirm. The attached clips are easy to use and can be released with one finger because maybe your other finger will be somewhere else. Mmmmm….

Manufacturer Description:

Spice up your morning, afternoon, or night! Introducing Nobü Fetish’s must-have Under-the-bed Restraint, suitable for whatever your fantasies may be. This restraint is safe, adjustable to any bedsize AND no bedposts are required! Let yourselves loose – or NOT – with this sexy & flexible restraint set!

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