Get this toy right now! But you also must get a tester for stores so people can see how freaking powerful this toy is. It’s amazing and so strong for a rechargeable toy. Not only does it provide dual stimulation but there is a little nub on the back for some extra “back-there” stimulation. Always fun for the adventurous gal, I do wish it was a little longer. There are two motors that cycle through all the vibration patterns. Not only great for G-spot but makes for a wonderful prostate massager. Just because it’s pink, guys, doesn’t mean it can’t go into your butt.

Manufacturer Description:

• 10 Vibration Speeds
• 2 Motors
• C-Spot, G-Spot, Prostate
• Unisex
• USB Charger
• Item Size: 3½” x 1½” (8.9 x 3.8 cm)
• Item Weight: 145g
• Medical Grade Silicone
• ABS plastic

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Lucy Vonne