Le Wand All That Glimmers

Le Wand All That Glimmers
I need about 100 of these to decorate my home office with; they are just so pretty and sparkly and make me happy. The fantastic Le Wand now comes in a glitter collection — first the unicorn one, and now, this one. They really do know the way to my sex toy heart. This item really does wonders for all-over body massage, especially for the muscles in the back. The deep rumbles really penetrate the muscles to help break up the knots. And then, it also gives you amazing orgasms, whether by yourself or with a partner. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty and a lifetime guarantee. This will make the perfect addition to your Le Wand section in stores. And if you don’t have a Le Wand section already, I suggest you make one fast! All their items are amazing and will make a wonderful presentation in your stores. I highly suggest adding testers as well to help show the power. All items sit nicely on the shelf for a lovely presentation.

Manufacturer Description:

Winner of the prestigious Women's Health FEMTECH Awards, Le Wand Petite is a versatile wand vibrator that's small in size but BIG on power. This smaller version of our iconic Le Wand Massager features 10 rumbly vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns. Sleek and stylish, Le Wand Petite is ideal for those who are new to wand massagers.

Flexible with targeted vibrations in the head of the wand, the Petite's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver. Body-safe, cordless, and shower-friendly, Le Wand Petite is a next-gen wand that's perfect for solo or coupled bathroom escapades. It's fitted with a travel-lock and fully USB rechargeable; this is a must-have toy for adventures on the go!

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Lucy Vonne