b-Vibe Anal Dilators Set

b-Vibe Anal Dilators Set
Today’s riddle: can anal dilators be stylish and classy? If you’re talking about the b-Vibe Anal Dilator Set, the answer is yes! This set of four, crystal clear glass plugs start at an easy 1"-wide and expand to a hefty 1 5/8"-wide. Starting with the exterior packaging, which is descriptive and informative, the thick foam interior holds the plugs firmly in place for shipping and storage. The two enclosed brochures cover “A Guide to Anal Play” and a user guide in case you need a refresher on how to use anal plugs. The plugs themselves have a slightly bulbous head, with a solid neck and a round flange to keep them going too far into hineyland. The classy part is the silkscreen-printed b-Vibe logo on the base, along with the size of the plug. This set can make an excellent wedding gift for the couple who has everything!

Manufacturer Description:

Dial up your derriere. If your anal play goal is to insert a toy or penis, we recommend starting off with your fingers and then gradually working to the smallest plug, followed by the next size, etc. If you’re interested in bigger or “better” things, you can gradually work your way up to the largest anal dilator. However, there is no right or wrong and you can stop or progress to YOUR comfort level.

The b-Vibe Anal Dilators Set consists of 4 small-to-large size, body-safe glass plugs designed specifically to open and relax the anal sphincter and rectum- a process that is often referred to as anal training. These progressively larger backdoor dilators can be used in preparation of any booty play, to facilitate pleasurable anal sex or simple for added sensation.

Whether you are new to anal play or a seasoned connoisseur, each tapered butt plug is shaped for easy insertion, while the flared base of the plugs provides maximum comfortability for extended wear.

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