Electric Fellatio

Orgie Company
Electric Fellatio
This product gave me a new a whole new outlook on fellatio. I mean, let's be honest: Sometimes, it can feel like a chore and get boring — but not with this product, which made a difference and felt terrific. With this product, fellatio will never be the same again. Engaging in a 69 position with this product is a mind-blowing, brain-exploding experience; it was lovely. Be prepared to have a toe-curling orgasmic oral good time.

Manufacturer Description:

SEXY VIBE! ELECTRIC FELLATIO delivers vibrating sensations on the lips and intimate areas. Electric Fellatio is perfect to surprise and excite lovers. With its roll-on bottle it is easy to apply a generous amount of this gloss on the lips for kissing and oral sex. Electrifying pleasure!

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