Time Lag Delay Spray - Orgie

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Time Lag Delay Spray - Orgie
When not much time is needed to pop off, along comes Time Lag Delay Spray to desensitize the penis and allow for longer sex sessions. Early ejaculation is often caused by over-stimulation, and numbing the penis is one way to stave off shooting off too early. Simply spray on and massage in for extra numbing power, and let it work its magic. With the active ingredient of menthol, a touch of aloe vera and a few other active ingredients, this spray works effectively and smells pleasant, too.

Manufacturer Description:

To meet the demanding segment of products with the purpose of increasing the time and pleasure of the man, we developed this new desensitizing formula with natural active ingredients and Panthenol. Free of benzocaine, lidocaine and any other anesthetic. Anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. Easy to use. Fully effective. Decreases the penis sensitivity providing longer intercourses.

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