Orgasm Drops Vibe!

Orgie Company
Orgasm Drops Vibe!
Take orgasms and stimulation to another level with this new tingling clitoral arousal product. This item takes your clitoris on a rollercoaster of emotion and stimulation and creates the same wonderful sensation as the original by sensitizing the clitoral area. But now, it adds a lovely warming sensation that then takes you to a waterfall of pleasure. Your clitoris will love you and thank you for this new and exciting feeling. Made in Portugal, this pleasure toy uses high-end raw materials.

Manufacturer Description:

The new Orgasm Drops Vibe! brings the same effects of its original product: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an initial refreshing sensation followed by a pleasant warming sensation leading to a whirlwind of pleasure now boosted by its new effect: the already famous vibrating sensation delivered by Orgie product line Sexy Vibe!

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