Secret VII

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Secret VII

There’s nothing worse than a partner that doesn’t want put any time or effort into foreplay. I like to take my time and make the most out of every sexy second of the action. A game that’s focused on foreplay is a great opportunity to start off the night with a light-hearted activity rather than just rushing into sex. Secret VII has 400 pleasure cards with suggestions for foreplay fun. Roll a seven with the game’s included dice and you get to perform that sensual act. I was amazed at all the suggestions that the cards offered — why didn’t I think of that before?

Manufacturer Description:

Secret VII is sexual orientation and gender neutral, and can be played with two or more players. Secret VII contains a library of 400 pleasure cards depicting a variety of foreplay acts. The pleasure cards are color coded by level of intensity, ranging from “mild to wild”. Each player chooses pleasure cards they want to have performed on them. Secret VII gets it easily started when a player roles the dice and hits a seven, then the timer is set and their act is performed! The winner is the first to have all their chosen foreplay acts performed!

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Tammy Roberts