Strip Bedroom Blocks

Ball & Chain
Strip Bedroom Blocks
Strip Bedroom Blocks from Ball and Chain is a tantalizing twist on the classic game of Jenga. This adult version adds a seductive element, turning a simple stacking game into a thrilling and risqué experience. Each wooden block contains a saucy instruction or command, promising to escalate the heat with each move. As players carefully remove blocks, they must fulfill the commands, leading to laughter, anticipation, and ultimately, a steamy climax. With its blend of strategy and sensuality, Strip Bedroom Blocks is the perfect addition to any intimate evening, offering hours of playful fun and unforgettable moments between partners.

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Manufacturer Description:

Strip Bedroom Blocks Game from Ball and Chain. How will your sex life stack up? Object of the game: the initial object of Bedroom Blocks is to get you and your lover stripped naked. Once in the buff, you can then take part in the many teasing foreplay activities. Anticipation increases with each touch of a block. Unlimited game possibilities! Contents: 24 wooden blocks, 48 different activities printed on the blocks. Each block is also numbered from 1 thru 24 for alternate game play options. For 2 or more adult players. How to play: create your tower by placing the blocks on a flat sturdy surface, 3 blocks per layer, text side down and alternating directions by layer. Using only one hand at a time, lovers take turns carefully removing a loose block from anywhere below the top level and acting out the activity printed on the block. Prior to game play, choose one of the 4 game play options or create your own. Once complete, stack the block back on the top level and the next player takes a turn and so on. Keep removing and stacking blocks until someone knocks the tower over. There are no losers in this game!

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