Patchy Paul G5

Fun Factory
Patchy Paul G5

Never have I been disappointed with a product from Fun Factory and this beauty is no different. The vibrator is awesome — go get one. It is very strong, definitely will get the job done in no time. You can feel the vibrations throughout the whole shaft. The shaft is made of very flexible silicone and will move with the curves of your body. Patchy Paul’s cute nose is tipped upright to hit the G-spot and provide endless stimulation. It is rechargeable so you never have to worry about batteries. When in the market for a dependable toy that will not disappoint you should start here.

Market Appeal

Fun Factory is a trusted brand in the industry and people will come in asking for it by brand. If they own one, chances are they have a few styles. Keep this in your more luxury high-end area. You will want a tester out so customers can see how it feels. Keep with all your other Fun Factory items in the store; people will shop the section by name.

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Manufacturer Description:

For many years, PATCHY PAUL has been the happy, cheeky face of FUN FACTORY. The waterproof, rechargeable vibrator “Made in Germany” of body-friendly and odorless silicone invites you to play sessions with his approachable demeanor allowing extensive discovery and experimentation. With its curved “nose” tip PATCHY PAUL reaches the G-spot practically all on his own and thanks to the improved FlexiFUN technology adapts snugly to any female anatomy, and also perfectly to external erogenous zones. His unique flexibility allows for this large vibrator to adapt to a huge variety of positions while still exerting a pleasant pressure on the erogenous zones. The powerful vibrations massage up to a wild intensity and will bring HER to waves of sensual ecstasy.

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