Stronic Surf Pulsator 2

Fun Factory
Stronic Surf Pulsator 2

The latest toy from Fun Factory that harnesses their patented technology of thrusting pulsations is fantastic. Part of the Pulsator 2 line, which is a little slimmer than the first line to come out, this toy is sure to wow you and your vagina. It is excellent for the G-spot but it also hits all of your other internal hot spots. The spread-out ripples on the toy provide more of deep massage not just surface stimulation. It can be used completely hands-free! It’s great for the person who likes to multitask and wants to masturbate and maybe read a book at the same time. It is almost completely silent as well, so you don’t have to worry about hiding what you are doing. Overall, it’s an awesome toy with a very unique function. It’s sure to be a great seller.

Fun Factory has a great display for you to have this as a tester in your stores. It’s a clear plastic stand with a little plastic swing on it for the toy to sit. When you turn the toy on it will start swinging in the swing simply from the toy’s pulsations. It’s a cool thing to see and makes a great impact in stores and gets people over to take a closer look.

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Manufacturer Description:

Massages you from the inside, hitting every nerve ending, for a satisfyingly full feeling and surround-sound pleasure. Lie back and enjoy hands-free thrusting in ten different settings. After all, your hands have better things to do. Better still, it’s nearly silent!

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