Luna Smart Beads

Luna Smart Beads

The Luna Smart Bead by LELO is by far the smartest kegel exerciser I have ever seen or experienced...ever! It literally measures your kegel muscle strength as you squeeze the bead and it turns on the vibration...unbelievable. It's like a computer in your vagina. This Luna Bead tracks your orgasm potential and measures your contractions with each use and actually remembers your progress.

Market Appeal

The packaging for this Luna Smart Bead is very informative, sturdy and high end. It is designed for a retail store or could stand alone well for a home party company. The packaging is very well designed and will catch the eye for most female or male shoppers. It comes with clear and concise instructions that are on the package. It is a must-have item for any toy box.

Manufacturer Description:

As your very own personal pleasure trainer, LUNA Smart Bead™ can offer you a path to longer, stronger orgasms thanks to our innovative SenseTouch™ technology. The LUNA Smart Bead™ measures every squeeze, then designs a workout routine to help you reach your true orgasmic potential.

The routine itself is a treat, rewarding you with waves of pleasurable vibrations as you enhance your climactic power, and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying more intense sexual strength and easier, better orgasms.

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