Sona Cruise

 Sona Cruise

I am always a fan of the toys I get from LELO. Sucking and oral sex stimulating vibes are all the rage and this is LELO’s take on it. They do not disappoint. This toy does not rely on vibration, it uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the whole clitoral area. It also has what LELO calls Cruise Control. This is where the motor reserves 20 percent of power during normal use so when it gets pushed against the body there is no reduction of intensity. This can be a common complaint with toys when they have pressure put on them. No issue here. It’s whisper quiet and has multiple settings to play with. This is an amazing item.

Manufacturer Description:

The LELO Sona Cruise works differently than other clit stimulators. Its use of sonic waves allows it to stimulate the outer and inner pleasure zones of your clitoris. Yes, we said inner. Did you know your clitoris actually extends inside your body and it can be stimulated? This is what separates the LELO Sona within the clit stimulator category.

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Lucy Vonne