Perfection is something in life that we strive to achieve or we want to achieve or it’s something we think about while we’re naked on the couch watching porn and eating a bag of flaming hot cheese snacks. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was perfect? You wouldn’t have to worry about finding matching socks because in a perfect world all your socks would already match. Yes I know your mind was just blown. Well guess what life is not perfect. In fact it is far from it but luckily there is such a thing as the perfect fit, case in point — the Orbit from Perfect Fit, a well-constructed vibrating cock ring that encapsulates the base of your meat and meat balls. Plus there’s this little nub towards the bottom that gives a nice amount of pressure right on the taint.

Manufacturer Description:

The Perfect Fit Orbit Body-Fit Vibrating Stimulator is our first Vibration product made for couples. Using our incredibly comfortable Body-Fit design, which has become a highly rated ergonomic shape in our Cock Armour line, the Orbit fits like no other product. It is extremely comfortable and secure fitting. The Orbit's amazing shape allows for the vibration bullet to be located in the perfect placement for her, providing an electrifying experience that is pleasurable for both partners. Innovative design and incredibly stretchy material makes it possible to fit most men of any size length or girth and will stimulate most women when the vibrating stem is turned on. Stem uses the industry leading 3-speed Power Bullet. The Body-Fit shape is a Perfect Fit innovation and uses a concave form that integrates to the male anatomy providing him a confidence in using the product. It feels like it is part of you. Made of PF Blend - a proprietary blend of Silicone and TPR developed to provide superior stretch, comfort and durability. Safe with all lubes, not compatible with latex. This product is Phthalate free, does not contain latex and meets European EN71-3 toy safety standards.

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