The Vibe Sleeve

The Vibe Sleeve
It seems to me that every single weekend, somewhere in this great big country that there is some sort of D.J. themed electric music type festival deal. Now I don’t know about you but when I go to a show of any type I like to keep a common theme going. Like a black metal show, I wear a lot of black and maybe some metal, and at an electric music type festival I like to wear bright colors and lights. But what if I want to wear just one article of clothing (I use that term, “clothing,” loosely) that just lights up? And what if while wearing said garment I want to make my dick to look totally boss?

Well thanks to BodiSpa you can with the Vibe sleeve. It totally lights up AND gives your member that ready to go look and feel, because after all it is a boss cock ring.

Manufacturer Description:

•100% pure silicone
•Extremely powerful oversize vibrating bullet
•40 min total in vibrating mode
•Interchangeable batteries
•Exclusive 3 speed mode

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