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XR Brands Highlights Items to Build a 'Sex Room'

As the popularity of kinky playspaces has increased with the success of the Netflix home decoration show "How to Build a Sex Room," XR Brands is promoting its BDSM gear and accessories to customers who may be interested in designing their own home sex room.


A Look at the Wide World of Strap-On Harnesses

In recent years, strap-on harnesses have become more mainstream than ever. These days, finding a comfortable harness and a compatible dildo is a breeze.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Adds New 'Strict,' 'Master Series' Chastity Cages

XR Brands is now shipping new chastity cages from its Strict and Master Series collections.

XR Now Shipping New 'Master Series' Wax Play Candles

XR Brands is now shipping an array of new Master Series candles designed for wax play, in a variety of shapes and containers.

XR Brands, Sexy Living Ink Canadian Distro Agreement

XR Brands and Sexy Living have formed a Canadian distribution partnership to include the Master Series range of advanced fetish tools, Lovebotz sex machines, Tailz anal plugs and accessories and Inmi pleasure toys.


A Look at the Evolution of Blowjob Simulators

Modern sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and sex toy manufacturers come out with innovative ideas and new iterations of existing toys multiple times a year. We see this all the time with vibrators: a design gets reworked, upgraded and expanded — and then the newest features go from “big news” to “basic features that consumers now expect” in the space of a year.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Introduces 2 New LoveBotz 'Milker' Auto-Masturbators

XR Brands has expanded the LoveBotz collection with the addition of the Auto Milker Intense 13X Sucking Masturbator and the Auto Milker Extreme 16X Sucking Masturbator.


How to Help Curious Shoppers Advance to Hardcore BDSM Toys

These days, with BDSM being more popular than ever and more shoppers being BDSM-curious, retailers are stocking their shops to satisfy the demand.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Debuts 'Shegasm Lickgasm Mini'

XR Brands has rolled out the new Shegasm Lickgasm Mini 10X Silicone Licking and Sucking Stimulator.


How to Ease Customers Into Kinky Play With Blindfolds

What’s one of the easiest ways to turn a sexy encounter into a toe-curling scene to remember? The premise is simple: suppress one or more of someone's senses and the others become enhanced.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Adds 'Extreme Bondage Table' to 'Master Series' Line

XR Brands is now shipping the Extreme Bondage Table, the newest addition to its Master Series collection of advanced fetish and BDSM gear.

XR Brands Adds New Bondage Kits to 'Master Series' Line

XR Brands has unveiled the Master of Kink Deluxe, the Captive Cobra and the Wild Sex bondage multi-item sets as the latest additions to its Master Series collection.


Retail Customer-Friendly Tips, Toys for Sensation Play

One of the most erotic ways a couple can slow down and reconnect in the bedroom is with sensation play. Although it’s often associated with BDSM, this type of play doesn’t have to be painful or intense.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Debuts 'LoveBotz Deluxe Pro-Bang' Sex Machine

XR Brands has unveiled the Deluxe Pro-Bang Sex Machine as the latest addition to its LoveBotz collection.

XR Brands Debuts Colorful 'Creature Cocks' Line

XR Brands has debuted the Creature Cocks collection, a line of dildos representing mythological monsters and intergalactic invaders.


Retailer Tips for Boosting Sales of Fetish Role-Playing Gear

When it comes to spicing up our sex lives, role-play can be just the ticket! By allowing us to shed our inhibitions and step out of our day-to-day identities, role-play can be one of the more effective ways to take sex from routine to mind-blowing and incredibly connecting.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Introduces New LoveBotz 'Milker' Auto-Masturbators

XR Brands has expanded the LoveBotz collection with the addition of the Auto Milker 15X and the Milker Pro Edition automatic masturbators.

XR Brands Debuts 'Booty Sparks Laser Series' Plugs

XR Brands has unveiled the Booty Sparks Laser Series collection of butt plugs that feature LED projections.


A Look at Automated Pleasure Products for Prostates, Penises

Over the last two years, many of us have spent a lot of time alone, which has made a powerful impact on the sex toy industry — and given lots of people the chance to take their masturbation game to a new level.

Rebecca Weinberg ·

XR Brands Debuts New Snap-On 'Tailz' Anal Plugs

XR Brands has expanded its Tailz range of anal plugs with the Tailz Snap-On, described as lifelike animal tails that attach and detach from plugs with a snap.