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2014 XBIZ Research Report Is Released

Adult industry news media organization XBIZ has released its 2014 XBIZ Research Report, which surveys qualified industry stakeholders on the future of 4K Ultra HD entertainment, U.K.'s porn opt-in program, Google Glass and 3D printing.

Poll: Industry Split on Future of 3D Printing

Despite the media’s growing presumption that consumer-friendly 3D printing will incite a homemade sex toy craze, XBIZ.com’s most recent poll shows that while it has potential, the technology is still too infantile to gauge.

Obama Win Reinforces XBIZ Poll Result

The re-election of Barack Obama to a second term as president on Tuesday night also appeared to be a victory for the adult entertainment industry, which overwhelmingly favored the incumbent in a poll conducted in October by media organization XBIZ.

Poll: Porn Revenues Exceed $5 Billion According to Industry Survey

In spite of an economic recession, an oversupply of free porn online and rampant piracy, the business of porn continues to impact the global economy on a multi-billion-dollar level, according to the results of a new industry poll conducted by media organization XBIZ.

Poll: Did the Internet Kill the Porn Superstar?

The era of the porn superstar is gone and may never come back, according to the results of a new research poll conducted by adult entertainment industry media organization XBIZ.

Poll: Porn Industry Split Over Government Antipiracy Role

XBIZ Research asked community members: "Should governments have the power/ability to stop content piracy? The poll resulted in a virtual tie.

XBIZ Releases 2012 Market Research Report to Industry, Media

Adult industry news media organization XBIZ has released its 2012 XBIZ Research Report surveying the attitudes, views and trends impacting the adult entertainment industry and featuring perspectives from top industry figures such as Larry Flynt, Steven Hirsch, John Stagliano, Allison Vivas and Peter Acworth, among others.

Poll: Porn Producers Will Leave California If State Enforces Condoms

If California eventually starts to enforce mandatory condom use on porn sets, then the majority of producers will simply go elsewhere to shoot, according to the results of a new XBIZ Research poll.

Poll: Porn Industry Majority Not Sold on .XXX Domains, But 35% Plan to Buy

More than one-third of adult entertainment industry professionals plan to buy .XXX domain names, either to defensively protect their existing brands/trademarks or to develop and market new websites, according to a new XBIZ Research poll.

Poll: Adult Industry Not Sold on 3D Yet, Select Studios Explore Profit Potential

The 3D format may go down in modern history as the first hot technology that was not widely adopted and popularized by the adult entertainment industry, according to the results of a new XBIZ Research poll.

XBIZ Research Co-Releases New Report, Partners With Business Insights

XBIZ Research has announced a strategic partnership with UK based Business Insights to release a new online adult entertainment market study report.

Forbes.com Looks at Adult Tube Sites

"I don't see where the money is in uploading pirated videos to a free site," Sarah LoPrinzi, market research director for XBIZ Research, was quoted as saying.

S.F. Chronicle Cites XBIZ Research Study in Article

The San Francisco Chronicle mentioned XBIZ in a <a href="http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/03/01/DDFB160F55.DTL" target="_blank">story</a> posted on its website today, citing an XBIZ Research study as a source for the economy's impact on the adult industry.

XBIZ Research Introduces Online Marketing Survey, Official Website

XBIZ today announced the launch of XBIZResearch.com, where members of the industry and other interested parties will find a wealth of information and updates about the adult entertainment market research project.

XBIZ Research Launches at XSF '08

XBIZ Research, the latest addition to the adult media company's portfolio of B-2-B offerings, was officially launched today at the XBIZ Summer Forum in Las Vegas.

XBIZ Research to Officially Launch at XBIZ Summer Forum, Workshop Added

XBIZ Research Director Sarah LoPrinzi will conduct an hour-long workshop at the upcoming XBIZ Summer Forum ’08, where she will provide an in-depth dissection of the purpose and process behind XBIZ Research.