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Woodhull Freedom Foundation Urges Florida Senators to Reject 'Unconstitutional' Age Verification Bill

Woodhull Freedom Foundation reached out to every member of the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, urging them to reject the state’s proposed age verification bill HB 3 as “not only unconstitutional and a danger to consumer privacy, but ineffective at preventing minors from accessing adult content.”

Woodhull Freedom Foundation to Hold Online Events on Censorship, Obscenity

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is set to host a series of three online events focusing on art censorship in the current environment.

Woodhull's Mandy Salley Joins This Week's #SexTalkTuesday

Woodhull Freedom Foundation COO Mandy Salley will serve as special guest moderator on the X-based chat show #SexTalkTuesday, where she will lead a discussion on the censorship of sexual freedom, tomorrow at 5 p.m. PDT.

Leading Digital Rights, Privacy Orgs Urge Immediate Action Against 'Bad Internet Bills'

Tomorrow is the last day to participate in the “Tell Congress, Say No to #BadInternetBills” campaign, coordinated by leading digital rights and privacy organizations.

Court Rules Against Woodhull in FOSTA Appeal

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday upheld the district court’s judgment against the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in its four-year legal battle to have FOSTA-SESTA declared unconstitutional, and rejected the strict scrutiny challenge proposed by free speech advocates.

Maryland Legalizes Oral, Anal Sex

The state of Maryland has repealed the Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practice Act, which criminalized any sexual act outside of vaginal penetration.

Appeals Court Hears Arguments in FOSTA-SESTA Challenge

A federal appeals panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard arguments yesterday in the Woodhull Freedom Foundation’s four-year legal battle to have FOSTA-SESTA declared unconstitutional.

Woodhull Warns Against GOP's New Anti-LGBTQ Censorship Bill

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has released a statement condemning a new bill proposed by House Republicans, which the organization says “threatens to deny schools, libraries and museums federal funding for discussing LGBTQ+ issues or providing even basic sex education to children.”

Woodhull Launches Petition to Block EARN IT Act

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has launched a petition demanding that senators meet with its representatives and other groups concerned about the controversial EARN IT Act.

Woodhull Files New Brief Challenging Constitutionality of FOSTA-SESTA

Woodhull Freedom Foundation has filed an appellate brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the latest action in the organization's four-year legal battle to have FOSTA-SESTA declared unconstitutional.

Woodhull Foundation Sets 2022 'Sexual Freedom Summit'

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation will host its annual Sexual Freedom Summit Aug. 4-6 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Woodhull Freedom Foundation to Host 'Censorship of Sexual Freedom' Webinar

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation will host a panel on "The Censorship of Sexual Freedom" on Thursday, Aug. 4 as part of the organization's Sexual Freedom Summit.

OnlyFans Commits 'Substantial Financial Support' to Woodhull Freedom Foundation

Woodhull Freedom Foundation has received a commitment of "substantial financial support" from OnlyFans to assist the organization in the advancement of its mission to defend and affirm sexual freedom as a human right.

Woodhull Files Appeal in FOSTA-SESTA Challenge Suit

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has filed an appeal in its suit challenging the constitutionality of FOSTA-SESTA.

Woodhull to Host 'Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl' Webinar

Woodhull Freedom Foundation will host a virtual panel titled "Fact or Fiction: Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl" on Thursday, Feb. 10, 6 p.m. (PST).

Woodhull Freedom Foundation Denounces Anti-Porn Campaign

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has released an official statement about the campaign that resulted in OnlyFans' policy change — later reversed after sex worker outcry — to ban sexually explicit content.

Woodhull, EFF Issue Call to Action Against Apple iPhone Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is organizing an action to convince Apple to reconsider incorporating a new surveillance technology into all its products, supposedly in the name of “child safety,” which will scan users’ photos and messages.

Sportsheets, Lovers Partner for Monthlong Woodhull Benefit

For the month of March, Lovers is donating $1 from each sale of any Sex & Mischief product to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, with Sportsheets matching the contribution.

Top Digital Rights Organization Highlights Woodhull's Anti-FOSTA Litigation

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the leading digital rights advocacy nonprofit, released yesterday a comprehensive report praising the Woodhull Foundation’s ongoing lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of FOSTA-SESTA legislation.

Woodhull Plaintiffs File Motion to Declare FOSTA Unconstitutional

The plaintiffs in the Woodhull Freedom Foundation case challenging FOSTA/SESTA filed on Monday a motion asking the D.C. district court for a summary judgment declaring the legislation unconstitutional.