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William Barr's DOJ Pens Another Letter Targeting Section 230 Protections

An Assistant Attorney General at Willam Barr’s U.S. Department of Justice wrote a letter on Tuesday to the congressional committees currently reviewing projects to repeal or radically reform Section 230 — the so-called “First Amendment of the internet” — arguing that the legislation should be altered or else completely tossed in order to “start on fresh canvas.”

AG Barr Joins Attack on Section 230 With Unusual Request to Congress

In an extremely unusual move by the U.S. Justice Department — part of the executive branch — AG William Barr sent to Congress today a legislative proposal to undermine Section 230, the so-called “First Amendment of the internet.”

Catholic Bishops Pressure Justice Department to Revive Obscenity Task Force

A group of Catholic bishops wrote a letter to the Department of Justice last Thursday urging Attorney General William Barr to revive its Obscenity Prosecution Task Force to target the legal adult entertainment industry in the U.S.

Attorney General Barr Criticizes Section 230 of Communications Decency Act

Attorney General William Barr criticized Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act at a Justice Department workshop Wednesday, claiming the tech company liability shield acts as a deterrence to law enforcement efforts.

Republican Representatives Urge AG To Crack Down on Porn

In a letter to Attorney General William Barr, four Republican members of Congress are demanding that the Justice Department enforce existing obscenity laws to crack down on pornography.

Industry Attorneys Weigh In on Trump's New AG Pick -- William Barr

President Trump on Friday chose William Barr as his next attorney general.