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TTS Expands Reach Into Canada

Talent Testing Service Inc. said today that it has reached an agreement with Clinique Médicale Millénia in Montreal to become its first associated drawing facility in Canada.

TTS Says Fake Test Result Is 2nd in Year

Talent Testing Service says that a Los Angeles-area producer spotted a fake test result in the second such con maneuver this year against the service.

TTS: Early Results at Las Vegas Clinic Without Draw, Shipping Fees

Talent Testing Service Inc. (TTS) announced today that it has reached an agreement with the Huntridge Family Clinic in Las Vegas for the collection and shipping of samples at no additional cost to talent.

Talent Testing Service Taps Bobby, Jen

Talent Testing Service today said that it has tapped two familiar names, Bobby and Jen, to help provide testing services.

TTS Adds Expedited, Saturday Sample Delivery Options

Talent Testing Service Inc. has added additional sample delivery options for clients to include "next-business day expedited” and "Saturday overnight delivery."

TTS Slates Webinar for Interpreting Valid Test Reports

Talent Testing Service Inc. today said it will be conducting the first in a series of informative webinars.

TTS Begins Beta Testing of TTS HealthWatch Program

Talent Testing Service has launched live beta testing of TTS HealthWatch (TTShw), a new database compiled by producers, agents and talents themselves indicating who performed with whom.

FSC's Duke Responds to TTS Statement Over 'Testing Loophole'

The Free Speech Coalition says a press release issued today by Talent Testing Service (TTS) appears to be an attempt by its operator "to gain financial advantage over his competitors by providing misleading information."

Talent Testing Service Announces New 'Gold Standard' Testing Protocol

Talent Testing Service Inc. (TTS) announced today that as of Sept. 1 it will introduce a new comprehensive testing protocol called the “Gold Standard Panel” (GSP).

TTS Welcomes CET’s Free Hepatitis B, C Testing Initative

Cutting Edge Testing has decided to offer free hepatitis B and C screening as part of their basic panel; Talent Testing Services welcomes the initiative.

TTS Announces ‘Health Screening Month’

MIAMI -- Talent Testing Service Inc. today said it will start screening for hepatitis B and hepatitis C on all basic panel tests through July 7 as part of “TTS Health Screening Month.”

TTS Says It Is Ready to Detect New Gonorrhea Strain

Talent Testing Services Inc. announced today that its testing methodologies for gonorrhea are ready to detect the new strain referenced as “H041.”

Lylith LaVey Claims Mr. Marcus Shoot Led to Emotional Distress

Mr. Marcus' attorney says that performer Lylith LaVey's emotional distress suit against the male porn star at epicenter of last year's syphilis-infection outbreak is full of holes because she knew the risks involved in shoots.

Talent Testing to Continue Use of Trep-Sure Syphilis Test

Talent Testing Services, Inc. on Monday announced that its testing policy for syphilis, under its current basic panel, will continue to include the TrepSure EIA test.

Manwin Gives TTS Green Light After APHSS Endorsement

Following news earlier in the day that Talent Testing Service has become an endorsed APHSS provider, Manwin announced this afternoon that it will once again accept results from the performer testing service.

Talent Testing Service Now an Endorsed APHSS Provider

The Free Speech Coalition's APHSS performer service division said Wednesday that Talent Testing Service has signed on as a fully endorsed provider to its database system.

Nica Noelle: The Curious Case of Mr. Marcus

Adult film director and writer Nica Noelle recounts with Mr. Marcus what he was thinking at the time and what he realized in retrospect after he became the focal point of a recent syphilis outbreak in the porn-performer community.

Mr. Marcus Disputes SF Weekly Story

Adult performer Mr. Marcus, who last week admitted he covered up a positive syphilis test and also went along with what he alleged was an industry testing lab helping him with a cover-up so that he could continue working, told XBIZ late Tuesday that a story published today by San Francisco Weekly took his remarks out of context.

Talent Testing Enhances Medical Council, Outreach Program

Talent Testing Services on Tuesday named Dr. David Smith, M.D., M.A.S., an infectious disease specialist, to head its Internal Medical Council and Outreach Program.

TTS Issues Statement on Mr. Marcus' Charge of 'Inappropriate Behavior'

Talent Testing Services Inc. issued a statement today again saying it "categorically denies inappropriate behavior" on the part of its Northridge, Calif., staff to accommodate Mr. Marcus’s request to alter the basic talent panel test results.