TTS Says Fake Test Result Is 2nd in Year

Rhett Pardon

CHATSWORTH, Calif. ­– Talent Testing Service says that a Los Angeles-area producer spotted a fake test result in the second such con maneuver this year against the service.

Sixto Pacheco, president of TTS, said that in both instances the person was caught and banned from its testing system. Pacheco did not reveal the identity or gender of either of the individual performers with fake results.

Pacheco said that TTS seeks to remind talent, agents and producers that TTS has two key validation features in printed and web-based talent test results.

“We implemented QR-code technology to protect the validity of all printed and web-based results,” he said.

Pacheco noted that all results now have a QR code below the results section of the report that when used in conjunction with any smartphone QR-code scanning software will show if the results are authentic and valid.

“Once the barcode has been scanned, the browser will direct you to the TTS mobile page that shows the talent ID number, date of birth, test expiration date (based on a 30-day testing cycle), and the actual test results,” he said.

The technology will permit any user viewing an actual paper result to verify its authenticity on-demand, he said.

“If you don’t have access to software to read the QR code, we provide an authentication code in each test performed,” Pacheclo said. “The authentication code for each test is found on the far right of each test result.

"To use the code, visit, where you will find a big tab labeled Test Authentication. Clicking on it will show you a new page where you enter the authentication code and a security code and results will be displayed and validated.”

Producers and agents as well as talent are provided with a personal online dashboard with access to historical and up-to-date testing information, he said. Talent can also set up automatic reminders for next test dates.