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Missouri Teacher Suspended After Being Outed as OnlyFans Creator

A Missouri school district suspended a high school English teacher Wednesday after someone outed her as an OnlyFans creator.

Bias in Banking: How FSC Is Leading the Charge in Fight for Fairness

Ask most people what they remember about the 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” and they’ll probably recall Heather Graham dancing around as Rollergirl, or the infamous pool party, or Mark Wahlberg finally — spoiler alert — unveiling his prosthetic penis.

ACLU Asks FTC to Investigate Mastercard for Discrimination Against Sex Workers, Adult Sites

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a formal complaint asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mastercard for discriminatory practices against sex workers and adult content websites.

SWERF Democrat, Christian Lobby Team Up to Push 'Age Verification' Law in Maine

Democratic State Rep. Lois Reckitt has teamed up with Maine’s Christian Civic League to propose a new “age verification” law, as that state’s version of the controversial legislation that religious Republicans have been promoting around the country in an effort to reinstitute obscenity prosecutions at the federal level.

FSC Files Financial Discrimination Complaint Against Banking Service Novo

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has filed a formal complaint against fintech provider Novo, after the banking service provider rejected the organization's business account application without providing any reason for its decision.

ManyVids Hails Canadian Sex Worker's Legal Victory Over Unpaid Services

ManyVids has issued a statement applauding a sex worker’s recent legal victory in a nonpayment of services case, affirming the premium social media platform’s commitment to sex workers’ rights.

Former Backpage Executive Jim Larkin Dies Days Before Retrial

Former executive James “Jim” Larkin, a co-defendant in the ongoing case due to be retried this month after a 2021 mistrial, died by suicide Monday in Superior, Arizona.

Spanish Feminist Leader Crosses Party Lines to Demand Porn Censorship, Sex Work Abolition

Veteran Spanish feminist academic and activist Amelia Valcárcel reaffirmed her alliance with the right-wing Partido Popular (PP) on Wednesday by issuing a demand for the adoption of 10 policy items, starting with censorship of adult content and the abolition of all sex work.

OnlyFans Creator Sami Sheen Defends Sex Workers on TikTok

OnlyFans creator Sami Sheen has taken to TikTok to defend her status as a sex worker and to educate the platform’s users about the diversity of activities within the category.

North Hollywood Strippers Unionize Under Actors' Equity

The dancers at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar in North Hollywood succeeded last week in their 15-month campaign for better working conditions, becoming the only unionized strippers in the United States.

EFF Podcast Explores How 'Safer Sex Work Makes a Safer Internet'

Electronic Frontier Foundation today released a new episode of its podcast “How to Fix the Internet,” titled “Safer Sex Work Makes a Safer Internet” and devoted to sex worker rights online.

Instagram Deplatforms Director of Netflix's Pornhub Documentary 'Money Shot'

Instagram disabled the account of filmmaker Suzanne Hillinger this morning, only a week after her documentary “Money Shot” premiered on Netflix.

Edinburgh Court Rules in Favor of Sex Workers, Against Strip Clubs Ban

Edinburgh sex workers prevailed in their campaign today when a judge ruled that the city council’s attempt to ban all strip clubs was unlawful.

SW Groups Denounce Arizona's Fear-Mongering Around Super Bowl

Arizona sex workers, allies and activists have spoken out against a fear-mongering PR campaign by the state’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, which promotes the discredited myth that the Super Bowl, which will take place in Arizona this year, is a magnet for sex trafficking.

Activist Carol Leigh, Who Coined the Term 'Sex Worker,' Passes Away at 71

Sex workers’ rights pioneer Carol Leigh, who coined the term “sex worker” in the 1970s, died yesterday. She was 71.

The Daily Dot Surveys New Efforts to Include Sex Worker Voices in Academia

A Daily Dot article out today highlights the movement to make sure academic research on sex work reflects the voices and experiences of actual sex workers, a goal of which mainstream academia has historically fallen short.

Snapchat Appoints Anti-Porn NCOSE Activist to Safety Board

Religiously motivated anti-porn and anti-sex-work group NCOSE — formerly Morality in Media — announced today that one of its lead staffers has been appointed to the safety board of Snap, the company behind social media platform Snapchat.

Sex Worker Union to Host Panel at PornFilmFestival Berlin

The Sex Worker Section of German trade union FAU Berlin will host a panel discussion on Oct. 29 as a part of this year's PornFilmFestival Berlin, focusing on common problems porn performers face in both mainstream industry and indie content.

USA Today Blames 'Destructive' Porn for Sexy Halloween Costumes

National newspaper USA Today has published a sensationalizing report about Halloween costumes, claiming that “scandalous sexual encounter fantasies reign in pop culture and pornography.”

Maryland Lawsuit Alleging Instagram Discrimination Against Adult Business Moves Forward

A Maryland judge ruled on Monday that a lawsuit against Meta, over alleged discrimination by Instagram against an adult business, can move forward.