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Biden Demands End to CDA's Online Liability Shield

Former Democratic VP and current U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden is calling for an end to online liability protections established by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Backpage Reworded Ad and Not Protected by Section 230, Judge Rules, which has faced a string of lawsuits alleging that it facilitated sex trafficking, was handed a partial defeat yesterday in a suit filed by three teens who filed suit against the classified ad site.

Sex Trafficking Bill Designed to Poke Holes in Section 230 Immunity

A new proposal that tweaks Section 230 immunity of the Communication Decency Act could have major ramifications for online publishers and platforms.


Criminalizing Online Innovation: State Attorneys General Seek to Amend Section 230

<p>Deceptively invoking the &lsquo;save the children&rsquo; mantra yet again, State AG&rsquo;s are reigniting the battle against online escort advertising websites, this time calling on Congress to amend one of the Internet&rsquo;s few statutory guardians: <a href="http://www

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