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Entrenue Now Shipping 'Colorfully Femme' Products From Rianne S

Entrenue is now shipping a variety of new products from "affordable luxury staple" Rianne S, including the Femsation tickling massager, the First Vibe Kit and Cherry Cups silicone menstrual cups.

Entrenue Named Semi-Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Rianne S Kits

Entrenue has been named semi-exclusive U.S. distributor of four new pleasure product kits from colorful intimate brand Rianne S.

Eropartner Touts Rianne S. Collection, Europe Magic Wand

Eropartner is now carrying four new products from the expanded Rianne S. line, as well as the Europe Magic Wand personal massager.  

Entrenue Expanding Offerings From Luxury Brand Rianne S

Entrenue has expanded its offerings from luxury brand Rianne S.

Entrenue Shipping 4 New Rianne S Vibrator Kits

Entrenue is shipping the latest offering from Rianne S — four kits pairing petite vibrators with bright, travel-friendly totes.

Eropartner Now Offering New Rianne S Items

Eropartner is now offering four new additions to the Rianne S collection.

Entrenue Shipping 3 New Massagers from Designer Rianne S

Entrenue has announced it is now shipping three new femme-focused offerings from designer Rianne S: the Bella Wand, the Xena Rabbit and the Fembot Wand.

Entrenue Unveils New 'Rianne S' Pleasure Collection

Entrenue has announced its offering of the latest pleasure collection from Rianne S, the first to come from the Dutch luxury brand since the debut of its Forbidden Fruit apple-shaped massager.


Pleasure Products Designers Discuss Creative Inspiration

Abstract sculpture, IKEA chair, or curio art? None of the above. That MFA thesis display is probably just an aisle in your local sex shop. Toy design has rapidly improved to match tech advances and artistic trends.

Colleen Godin ·

Rianne S' First Couples Toy, Duo, Available at Eropartner

Dutch luxury brand Rianne recently unveiled the latest addition to their collection of pleasure products: the Duo, which is their first couples toy and is available from Eropartner Distribution.

Rianne S' First Couples Toy, 'Duo,' Arrives at Eropartner

Eropartner Distribution has added Dutch luxury brand Rianne S' Duo, the latest addition to their collection and their first couples toy.

Rianne S Unveils New Collection

Rianne S has unveiled its new collection featuring new shapes and designs, including the Moon Vibe, the Heart Vibe and the company's first toy for couples: the Duo.

Eropartner Now Shipping New Rianne S. Collection

Eropartner Distribution has added the complete new collection of Rianne S. to its portfolio.

Rianne S. Launches New Products

Rianne S. has released a new range of sensual accessories, including Ana’s Trilogy, the Masques Collection and the Booty Plug Sets. According to the company, the products were designed for couples looking to explore unknown desires in their relationships.

Eldorado Now Carrying RIANNE S

Eldorado has added the RIANNE S collection to its expanding roster of luxury offerings.

Entrenue Brings Rianne S Products to U.S. Retail Market

Entrenue has signed Rianne S as its latest specialty product line, bringing the collection of luxury playthings made for the modern woman to the U.S. market.