Rianne S. Launches New Products

Rianne S. Launches New Products
Ariana Rodriguez

AMSTERDAM — Rianne S. has released a new range of sensual accessories, including Ana’s Trilogy, the Masques Collection and the Booty Plug Sets. According to the company, the products were designed for couples looking to explore unknown desires in their relationships.

Ana’s Trilogy kits feature toys and other sensual accessories for novice and experienced users. The price of each kit is $29.95.

The Booty Plug Sets come in a set of two metal-plated gold-colored plugs in two sizes, and a silicone set of three plugs. All plugs are finished with a gem-like stone and cost $59.95 for the luxury set and $44.95 for the silicone version.

Another addition to the Rianne S. product line is the Masques collection. The Venetian-themed masques come in five different styles. Each is named after an iconic French lady, like Brigitte (Bardot) and Jane (Birkin) and priced at $14,95.

“The first reactions to the products have been overwhelmingly positive. There is great interest from mainstream media for the products and story behind them,” said Rianne Swierstra, founder of Rianne S.

She said that every detail of her new products has “been carefully thought of and chosen by Swierstra herself.

In addition, Rianne S.’ Matryoshka, is now also available in black after high demand from both retailers and consumers, the company said. Swierstra said she is currently working on her next collection, which is set to debut in October this year, at Erofame.

A new catalog featuring all the new products is available by request from distributors. To place your order, email info@Rianne-S.com.