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Paris Hilton Loses Privacy Case

Hotel heiress and naughty party girl Paris Hilton took a hit from a Los Angeles court this week after a judge dismissed Hilton's $30 million privacy invasion lawsuit against Kahatani Ltd., a Panama City, Fla.-based porn company.

New Privacy Bill Protects Internet Use

A controversial new bill is being passed on to the State Assembly that would require employers to inform staff members that they monitor email content and Internet activity.


Porn & Privacy

Whether it’s a revelation about a porn star’s HIV status, a government debate about what you can enjoy, or Larry Flynt on National Public Radio, the issue of “privacy” is in the headlines – and in my home...

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Tuesday Tidbits: Volume 1: E-mail Privacy and Developing Your Net Presence

Here's a couple of interesting items that recently came my way that I'd like to share with you all. The first one comes from our friends at Cybersocket, and deals with e-mail privacy, while the second piece on developing your Net presence is from a follow-up e-mail sent to me by Ash from after our meeting at Internext, and concisely outlines a nice part of "the big picture."


Free Adult Privacy Browser Released

Horn Lake, MS - Phase Two Software has decided that adult webmasters should be able to profit from its free adult privacy browser, Adult Browser Pro. Adult Browser Pro is a hidden "stealth" privacy browser that requires a login to access and hides your Internet activity while providing free porn to its users.


Santorum Uncorks the Privacy Genie

What is it about monogamous, heterosexual relationships that conservatives hate so much? What is it about “traditional family values” that makes a hardcore Capitalist want to clamp down on the free market, restrict consumer options, and engage in protectionist policies

Darklady ·

How Security and Privacy Concerns Affect Business

Many Webmasters do not consider how a lack of security and the fear of an invasion of privacy are adversely affecting their business. This often causes the adult business to not operate at its full potential; a situation which Webmasters can resolve by facing the issues of Online Security and Privacy Protection.

Noakes ·

Peeking at Privacy Statements

Privacy Policies are an often overlooked facet of adult Websites, but a facet that Webmasters overlook at their own peril. In an era of increasing governmental scrutiny, it behooves us all to ensure that we comply with the guidelines and mandates of those who have the ability to enforce their wishes, and the FTC is one such organization that definitely wields the power to enforce their stated agenda:

Stephen Yagielowicz ·