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‘Patient Zero’ Files Suit Against Calif., AIM Over Right to Privacy

The unnamed adult performer is seeking an injunction over the release of patient medical records.

Privacy Claim Based on Republication of Web Posting Is Rejected

Comments posted on a publicly accessible website are not private and the poster cannot sue for invasion of privacy when the comments are republished, according to a California appellate court.

New Google Behavioral Ads Spark Privacy Concerns

Google has unveiled its latest and smartest way to target AdSense ads, but will it spring adult content on unsuspecting consumers?


Online Privacy: The Naked and the Scanned

If you work with a company that provides erotic content online, then there's something you should know. Some of your customers — the visitors to your website — are breaking the law.

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British Formula One King Wins Privacy Ruling

A Formula One racing official has won 60,000 pounds in a privacy case against a U.K. newspaper that broke a story about the official being involved in a widely publicized "Nazi" sex tape.

Google, Viacom Reach Agreement That Protects Users' Privacy

In a move that breaks a previous stalemate, Google will hand over extensive YouTube traffic information to Viacom while taking steps to keep user information and activity private.

EU High Court: Privacy Trumps Copyright -- For Now

Content producers cannot compel European telecoms and ISPs to divulge the names and addresses of individuals suspected of violating copyright through use of file-sharing software, the European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday.

FTC Proposes Online Behavioral Privacy Principles

The Federal Trade Commission today released a set of proposed principles for “online behavioral advertising” — the term the FTC has adopted for the tracking of a consumer’s online activities in furtherance of delivering advertising tailored to that consumer’s interests.

CDT: Privacy Laws Needed for Search Engines

Although search companies have taken significant steps to improve on consumer privacy protection, “comprehensive” federal legislation still is needed to protect web users from “bad actors,” the Center for Democracy and Technology asserted in a report issued this week.

Federal Court Decision Significantly Expands Email Privacy

A ruling issued this month by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio could dramatically expand the scope of privacy protection for email users, legal experts said.

N.J. Civil Case Testing Limits of MySpace, Facebook Privacy

A lawsuit brought by a teenager in New Jersey is testing the extent to which users of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can expect their private messages to remain private, should those users ever end up as a litigant in a civil lawsuit.

Google Strengthens Online Privacy

Online search giant Google said it has updated and strengthened its data retention policy with an eye toward further protecting user privacy with respect to search queries, IP addresses and cookie details.

Privacy Commissioner Urges Canadian Lawmakers to Fight Spam

Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has called for tougher legislative measures to prevent spam and email fraud in Canada. She said the amount of spam circulating has “mushroomed,” and in response has made March Fraud Prevention Month.

U.S. Appeals Court Delivers Key Ruling on PC Privacy at Work

A federal appeals court has ruled that an employee whose office was not shared with coworkers and was kept locked had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his workplace computer. But it also said in that the employee’s right wasn’t violated when a search turned up a history of child porn visits.

Privacy View Hires Mary Tant to Expand Affiliate Program

Software developer Privacy View has hired Mary Tant as its new affiliate manager in an effort to grow the company’s online marketing operations.

New Discovery Rules Could Impact Computer Privacy

A new set of rules regarding legal discovery during civil litigation may have wide-ranging effects on certain adult entertainment customers. The amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure mandated by Congress — Rule 26 (b), which goes into effect tomorrow — opens home computers, text messages and internet service providers to court-ordered investigation in some civil lawsuits.

California Initiative for Internet Privacy Launches

A public program formed to explore the possible implementation of voluntary or mandated approaches toward improving Internet-related privacy issues has been created by Lauren Weinstein, a longtime Internet authority.

Hacktivismo Launches New Privacy Browser

A consortium of hackers, security experts and human rights activists operating under the Hacktivismo banner teamed up to create and launch a new Internet browser tailored to offer users added privacy.

EFF Publishes Privacy Tips for Internet Searches

Responding to AOL’s recent privacy leak, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has published “Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy,” a concise guide aimed at the average Internet user.

Privacy Protection Browser Coming Soon

Internet users looking for porn online will soon have a new tool available to keep their searches safe from prying eyes. Browzar, an Internet browser designed with the user’s privacy in mind, is in the final leg of beta testing.