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A Domme's Guide to Crushing 'No Nut November'

In the realm of annual submissive challenges, No Nut November is the close rival to its predecessor, Locktober, during which subs take on the difficult task of being chaste for an entire month, often with the aid of a chastity device.

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Dee Siren Challenges 'No Nut November' With OnlyFans Discount

Content creator Dee Siren has challenged the #NoNutNovember campaign with a 25% discount on new monthly subscriptions to her OnlyFans profile throughout the month.

Elle UK Marks 'No Nut November' by Endorsing Debunked Notion of 'Porn Addiction'

The British edition of Elle magazine has decided to mark “No Nut November” by publishing a lengthy article fully endorsing the discredited notion of “porn addiction.”

Report: Nutting Continued Unabated Through November

An informal study by Mashable reporter Andy Moser concluded that #NoNutNovember, an internet-based phenomenon associated with the masculinist cult of semen retention spreading around online forums, has once again been a failure.