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Microsoft, Intel Throw Weight Behind HD-DVD

Both Microsoft and Intel this week announced that they will be throwing support behind Toshiba’s HD-DVD as their choice for the the industry-standard next-generation DVD. The announcements could be good news for adult film companies that have invested heavily in high-definition equipment and productions.

Did Microsoft Suppress Search Engine Ranking Report?

A study that showed Microsoft’s MSN search engine had slipped in popularity was allegedly suppressed by Microsoft last month, casting doubt on the relevancy of web studies that involve the megalithic corporation.

Microsoft Planning Portal to Aid Police Investigations

Microsoft, with enormous resources and intimate knowledge of its software, is planning a website that will aid police in investigating Internet crime.

Microsoft Makes Adware Exemptions

Microsoft has modified its antispyware product, MAS, to advise users to not delete certain companies’ adware.

Microsoft Takes World Stage

Like other savvy technology businesses, Microsoft has partnered with rural school districts to provide low-cost computers and funded philanthropic organizations. More and more, however, the company is asserting itself as a sovereign entity and influencing agendas internationally.

Microsoft Pins Spam Suit on German Company

Microsoft filed suit this week against an unnamed company for sending millions of spam emails advertising online adult sites. The company, based in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, runs a network of companies in Ukraine and the United States.

Microsoft to Abandon Windows 2000 Support

Microsoft will jettison its support for operating system Windows 2000 at the end of this month, the company said, despite reports that half of America’s large corporations operating in a Microsoft environment are using a Windows 2000 backbone.

Microsoft Hawks Dormant Technologies

Software giant Microsoft is offering venture capitalists access to technologies it developed but is not using. Startups can license the information and then pay royalties to Microsoft or offer the company shares in their own companies.

Microsoft Sued Over JPEG-Related Patents

Forgent Networks is suing Microsoft, alleging that the software giant is infringing the patent on Forgent’s still-image-compression technology by using the JPEG digital-image standard.

Microsoft, Canadian Authorities Team to Combat Child Porn

Microsoft and Canadian authorities have launched the Child Exploitation Tracking System nearly two years after a sex task force investigator sent an email to Bill Gates asking for help.

Court Reverses $520 Million Ruling Against Microsoft

An appeals court yesterday threw out a $520.6 million jury verdict that found Microsoft had infringed on patents held by Eolas Technologies Inc. Microsoft was found guilty of using Eolas technology to embed and invoke interactive objects within its Internet Explorer web browser, a decision that could have forced changes in millions of web pages.

Microsoft VC-1 Codec May Face Patent Suits

Microsoft may be finding itself in the middle of a costly legal battle soon over the VC-1 video codec, based on Windows Media Version 9 and recently adopted by the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers as an industry standard.

Microsoft to Ship IE Version 7.0 in Summer

Microsoft will launch a new version of Internet Explorer as early as July, but it will limit Version 7.0 to XP SP2 users. The rise of Firefox helped to pressure Microsoft last year to refocus on making Internet Explorer more secure.

Microsoft Puts Linux Fear in Asia

Feeling the gradual encroachment of Linux adoption on what was once solid Microsoft turf, the software giant has taken an offensive stance in Asia and is reportedly warning governments in China, Japan and South Korea that patent infringement lawsuits could result if they make the migration from Microsoft to Linux.

Search Wars Heat Up, Microsoft Launches Search Tool

After publicly admitting that it had made a mistake by underestimating the revenue potential of the search engine market, 18 months later, Microsoft has finally launched its new beta search technology to a great deal of industry fanfare.

Microsoft Claims IP Rights to Major Internet Protocols, Engineer Says

Microsoft appears to be claiming intellectual property rights to a number of the Internet’s most fundamental communication protocols, according to one senior networking engineer.

Microsoft to Get Into Storage Business

Microsoft is trying to carve a niche into the backup-and-recovery business. The software giant said last month at the Storage Decisions 2004 conference it will enter the disk-based backup and recovery industry with the launch of the Data Protection Server, or DPS.

Microsoft, Qualcomm Announce New Wireless Streaming Partnership

Qualcomm and Microsoft announced today that they have struck a deal to manufacture cellphones that allow high-quality streaming video content, perhaps finally answering the question of whether adult entertainment can effectively make the wireless leap.

Microsoft Opens Its Source Code Books

Known for being customarily selfish about sharing some of the gold that Microsoft Corp. has profited billions from, the software maker has decided to expand its shared source code program with the domestic and international developer community.

Microsoft Gets Blu-ray Endorsement

Microsoft received a formal endorsement Wednesday of its video compression standard from the technology consortium Blu-ray, a 13-member group vying to take the lead in offering next-generation, high definition DVD technology.