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Microsoft Demos HD-DVD for Xbox 360

While the much talked about silver bullet in the looming DVD format war remains unknown, Microsoft added more fuel to the fire when it unveiled the HD-DVD drive for the company’s Xbox 360 game console at the DVD Forum.

Microsoft Gives Hackers a Chance to Crack Vista

Microsoft made an effort this week to reverse its shoddy history of network security by inviting hackers to exploit the beta version of its new Vista operating system and Internet Explorer 7 browser.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Combat Click Fraud

Click fraud has a new enemy, with Internet search engine leaders Google, Microsoft and Yahoo joining forces with the Interactive Advertising bureau to combat a scam that many believe undermines confidence in the Internet as a marketing tool.

Microsoft Announces New Image Format to Rival JPEG

Software giant Microsoft announced a new image format to rival JPEG — the de facto adult industry standard for pictures — at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.

Microsoft Gets Tough on Fake Windows

Microsoft has stepped up its ongoing battle to combat software piracy.

Anti-Microsoft Group Offers Money to Switch Browsers

Four anti-Microsoft activists have launched a campaign that will give web publishers $1 for every Internet Explorer user they can convince to use Mozilla Firefox.

Massive Plan Links Microsoft Up With Game Advertising

Microsoft just expanded its advertising business with Wednesday’s announcement that it has decided to acquire Massive Inc., which places ads in video games. Two-year-old startup Massive has 80 employees and is one of the pioneers of videogame advertising, which emulates Internet advertising models.

Microsoft Eyes Mobile Search Market

Microsoft has thrown down yet another gauntlet in the technology wars, and according to a company executive the newest battlefield will be mobile searches.

Microsoft to Release New Windows Media Player

Microsoft plans to package a new version of Windows Media Player with its new operating system in 2007, but some of the advanced features will debut sooner than the release of highly anticipated Windows Vista.

Microsoft Targets Typo Squatters

Microsoft is taking a stand against typo squatters, releasing a new prototype version of URL Tracer with Typo-Patrol.

Microsoft Preps Search Features to Battle Google

Microsoft is wrapping up work on two new features that it plans to add to its search engine in the hopes of competing with Google and Yahoo.

Microsoft Defends Itself Against EU Antitrust Fines

Rivals of Microsoft aren’t satisfied with the firm’s defense against fines levied by the European Union for failing to comply with remedies imposed for antitrust violations.

Investigators Credit Microsoft for Child Porn Arrests

Shortly following several dozen arrests in a widespread child porn bust, authorities are crediting Microsoft technology with their ability to track down 27 suspects who were allegedly involved in the sexual exploitation of small children and infants.

Microsoft Admits Giving Feds Search Data

Microsoft publicly admitted today it had complied with a U.S. Department of Justice subpoena for users’ search data from the MSN search service, a subpoena that Google so far has refused to obey.

New Kama Sutra Worm Corrupts Microsoft Documents

A new worm that already accounts for one in every 15 pieces of malicious code carries a "nuclear option" payload that corrupts data in a slew of popular file formats, a Finnish security firm warned Friday.

Microsoft to Launch New Ad System

Microsoft’s MSN search service could step it up a notch in its competition with industry stalwarts Google and Yahoo with the launch of a new advertising system that would display relevant ads next to search results, company representatives announced Jan. 13.

Microsoft Cans Explorer for the Mac

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for Mac is going on safari, and it isn’t coming back. Starting by the end of the year, the software giant announced today it would no longer offer new versions of its browser for computers on the Mac OS operating system.

Trojan Blips Under Microsoft Radar, Targets IE

Although the Trojan known as “Delf-DH” was originally spotted by Microsoft security experts more than six months ago, news surfaced this week that initial prevention methods failed to realize the malicious software’s full potential.

Microsoft Patches Prevent Some Sites from Loading

Websites that activate ActiveX controls within Microsoft’s Internet Explorer may create viewing problems due to inconsistencies with two recent security patches, officials in Microsoft’s security unit announced.

High Court Refuses to Hear Microsoft Patent Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will not consider Microsoft's appeal of a $521 million jury verdict over patent issues surrounding its widely used Internet Explorer software.