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Vice Profiles 'World's Oldest Porn Star' Ogasawara in New Documentary

Vice has released a short documentary about Yuko Ogasawara, who is often billed as “the world’s oldest Japanese adult video star.”

Hong Kong Performer Erena So's Japanese AV Debut Hailed as Groundbreaking

Erena So’s debut in Japan is being hailed across Asia as a groundbreaking phenomenon for Chinese performers unapologetically promoting their sex content in the region’s premier adult video market.

Japanese JAV Site R18.com to Shut Down

Japanese JAV site R18.com has announced through its homepage that it will cease operations on Jan. 31, 2023.

New Japanese Regulations Already Harming Adult Performers

Weeks after the Japanese parliament passed a law purporting to protect female talent from supposedly predatory adult industry contracts, noted performer and “JAV idol” Sakura Tsukishima has revealed on Twitter that she was forced to give up her apartment due to unreasonable changes the legislation is forcing on the local adult industry.

Japanese Proposal Enabling Adult Performers to Void Their Own Contracts Becomes Law

A Japanese legislative proposal passed into law on Wednesday, allowing anyone who signs a contract to appear in “pornographic productions” to void that contract at any time for any reason.

New Japanese Law Would Enable All Porn Performers to Void Contracts

A legislative debate about lowering the age of legal majority in Japan, which quickly devolved into a sensationalist campaign about adult performers aged 18-19, has now morphed into a proposed new law under which anyone who signs a contract to appear in “pornographic productions” could void that contract at any time for any reason.

Japan Moves Forward With Regulation of Porn Without Input From Adult Industry

A controversial bill that will effectively change the way adult content is produced in Japan, and which has sparked protest among the Japanese adult video community, passed the Japanese Lower House today on its way to being signed into law.

Porn Complicates Japan's Debate on Lowering Age of Legal Majority to 18

As Japan debates lowering the age of legal majority from 20 to 18, a legislator has asked the prime minister to create an exception in the new laws so that 18- and 19-year-olds employed as performers in the adult industry can still get out of their contracts without a penalty, as has been the case until now.

Svakom Reports Successful 2022 FemTech Health Expo Japan Experience

Svakom is reporting a successful experience with the 2022 FemTech Health Expo in Japan.

Japanese Webmaster Arrested for 'Unblurring' Pirated Porn

A Japanese webmaster was arrested last week for posting copyrighted content by local studios after unblurring the pixelated areas around the genitals, which the country’s peculiar obscenity laws mandate.


Shibari to Bitcoin: A Look at Adult in Japan

Japan has always been a world of its own, existing in both a distant past and far future at the same time. Its culture hangs onto conservative practices and age-bound hierarchies whilst its tech sector blasts ahead.

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Japan Faces Calls to Criminalize Non-Consensual Posting of 'Sexualized' SFW Pictures

Japanese privacy activists concerned about the online sharing of images without the subject’s approval are attempting to create criminal liability over the posting of SFW images “in a sexualized manner," using the upcoming Tokyo Olympics as justification.

Japan: Adult Magazines Face Trouble Ahead of Tokyo Olympics

Social pressure surrounding the upcoming Tokyo Olympics has resulted in distribution troubles for traditional Japanese adult magazines, which have drastically harmed the already dwindling sector.

Adult Time, Prestige Japan Ink Content Partnership

Adult Time has inked a content partnership with Japanese adult studio Prestige, starting with this week's release of the first episode of "Close-Up Eroticism" starring AV idol Mizuho Uehara.

Australian Customs Authorities Block Hentai Imports Amidst Calls for Censorship

Japanese pop culture retailer J-List was informed earlier this month by shipping company DHL Japan that “Australian customs have started rejecting packages containing any adult product,” among vocal calls by local politicians to crack down on hentai anime and manga and to fully enforce Australia’s vaguely worded anti-porn import rules.

Japan-Based Will Co. Sues Avgle.com for Copyright Infringement

Japan-based adult entertainment company Will Co., Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against Avgle.com and its operators for infringing on 50 of its U.S. registered copyrights.

Japanese Porn Industry Reportedly Recovering From COVID-Related Shutdown

Part of the Japanese porn industry experienced a shutdown this summer over positive COVID-19 tests, according to reports and industry sources.

Japan Reverses Decision, Offers Public Aid to Sex Workers

Japan has reportedly reversed its decision to discriminate against sex workers who are economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Japan Denies Public Aid to Sex Workers, Spurring Claims of Discrimination

The global War on Porn continues on a new front, as news outlet Mainichi Japan reports that government officials are facing accusations of discrimination with the denial of public aid to sex workers harmed by the pandemic lockdown.

MiKandi Japan Kickstarts Adult Visual Novel, 'Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer'

Manga and game publisher MiKandi Japan has partnered with indie dev team Studio Bottomtext to crowdfund “Gremory: Tale of the God Slayer,” an adult visual novel and bullet hell game rolled into one.