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CNBC Reports on .XXX Adoption

In yet another example of the increasing mainstream media focus on the adult industry, CNBC has penned an article on the current state of .XXX adoptions.

ICM Responds to .XXX Antitrust Claims, Asks for Dismissal

ICM Registry, in response to Manwin and Digital Playground's antitrust suit over .XXX, has asked a judge to dismiss claims against the registry, saying that it is protected by California’s anti-SLAPP statute.

CNET Reports Many Mainstream .XXX Domains Still Available

Although mainstream media has been buzzing about a number of non-adult entities scooping up .XXX domains, the hype may not be justified.

ICM, ICANN Plan to Respond to .XXX Lawsuit by Jan. 20

Attorneys for ICM Registry and ICANN have proposed to respond to Manwin and Digital Playground's suit no later than Jan. 20, XBIZ has learned.

ICM Registry Suspends 1st Wave of .XXX Cybersquatters

ICM Registry has suspended .XXX registrations that appear to be in violation of "unmistakable, blatant" cybersquatting.

.XXX Opens for General Availability

ICM Registry announced that general availability of the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) launches today at 11 a.m. EST.

Arbitration Program for .XXX Domain Names Is Launched

.XXX's Rapid Evaluation Service (RES), a process that helps resolve complaints over new .XXX domain names, launched today.

Manwin Bans All Business With .XXX Websites

Manwin has banned all activity between its brands and Internet sites registered with a .XXX TLD, including advertising for .XXX websites on its tube sites. In addition, Manwin said it won't permit its content to be used or advertised on .XXX websites.

Clips4Sale Acquiring 30 .XXX Sites in $700K Deal

Clips4Sale has signed up for 30 .XXX properties in an all-cash $700,000 transaction revealed Thursday.

Paul Raymond to Rebrand Internet Properties With .XXX

ICM Registry today announced that London-based adult producer Paul Raymond, will rebrand its core brand websites and online dating properties with the .XXX domain extension by Feb. 1.

Dewitt Comments on .XXX Antitrust Lawsuit

Antitrust is not a topic that receives much conversation in the adult industry — in fact, it hasn’t had any conversation insofar as anyone can remember.

Manwin, Digital Playground File Suit Against ICM, ICANN

Manwin has teamed up with Digital Playground to wage an antitrust suit against .XXX operator ICM Registry and ICANN.

IFFOR Announces New Chairman as Lawley Steps Down

ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley has stepped down as chairman of IFFOR, the nonprofit policymaking organization for .XXX, citing the need to create a bright line between the two groups.

ICM Registry Opens Landrush Period for .XXX Domains

ICM Registry today announced the opening of Landrush, an exclusive 17-day period for the adult community that closes on Nov. 25.

ICM Registry Closes Sunrise Period

ICM Registry, the company behind the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) officially closed its Sunrise A and Sunrise B periods at noon EST on Monday with more than 80,000 applications for domain names, ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley announced.

ICM Registry Extends Sunrise Periods

ICM Registry said Friday that it has extended Sunrise A and Sunrise B registration periods for an additional three days, concluding Monday at noon ET.

Grooby Productions Launching Shemale.xxx

Grooby Productions plans to launch its latest website, Shemale.XXX, the first of a number of .XXX websites Grooby plans to release.

ICM Registry Reports .XXX Applications Exceed Expectations

ICM Registry reported today that it has received more than 42,000 applications for .XXX domain names since the Sept. 7 launch of the Sunrise period.