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Facebook Imposes New Safety Guidelines

Social networking giant Facebook has entered into an agreement with the attorneys general from 49 states and the District of Columbia to make the site safer for underage users.

Analysts: Popularity of Social Networking Sites In Decline

Although Tom Anderson won't be pawning his possessions just yet, new numbers suggest that the social-networking bubble might be deflating.

Facebook Files Lawsuit Against SlickCash

Popular social networking site <a href="http://www.facebook.com/" target="_blank">Facebook.com</a> has filed a lawsuit against <a href="http://www.slickcash.com/" target="_blank">SlickCash</a> and other defendants, alleging breach of contract and violations of both federal and California state laws.

Facebook Disables Adult Chat Ads

Internet social networking site Facebook has disabled adult chat ads — that violated Facebook guidelines — placed last week on user-created profiles on the site.

Europe Uses Facebook to Launch Condom Campaign

Members of the European Parliament who are also members of the Socialist Party have launched a petition drive on social networking website Facebook.

NY Attorney General Subpoenas Facebook

The Attorney General of New York announced Monday that his office is investigating <a href="http://www.facebook.com/" target="_blank">Facebook.com</a> over “representations the company makes about safety measures in place on its website,” and said that the site is not living up to its claims.

N.J. Civil Case Testing Limits of MySpace, Facebook Privacy

A lawsuit brought by a teenager in New Jersey is testing the extent to which users of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook can expect their private messages to remain private, should those users ever end up as a litigant in a civil lawsuit.