LoveHoney Creates First Sex Toy for Facebook

BATH, England — U.K. sex toy manufacturer Love Honey has announced the creation of the first Facebook sex toy, Love Bunny.

Love Bunny is a Facebook application that allows users to create their own love bunny virtual pet and communicate with others who have installed the application. Facebook users can then order the vibrator from the LoveHoney website to match the one that they’ve created online.

“Users can add a Love Bunny to their Facebook profile, personalize it as they please, play with it online, and then transform it into a real-life super charged vibrating rabbit,” LoveHoney representative Ruth Wilkinson told XBIZ. “When you’re ready, just let your Love Bunny burst off the screen and into your bedroom by clicking the link and buying your very own.”

Facebook users who install the Love Bunny application can give their bunny a name, change its mood, send messages to other users and choose the color. The toys are available in purple, pink and black.

Once a user has created the bunny online they can then have it delivered to their home for about $27.

“Your Love Bunny is delivered direct to your door in a presentation rabbit hutch box, complete with a unique birth certificate and a strong but silent vibrating bullet,” Wilkinson said. “Love Bunnies don’t look like sex toys, but don't be fooled.”

The vibrator comes in waterproof packaging with ears designed for clitoral stimulation. Love Bunnies are palm-sized and come in the shape of a rabbit.

Wilkinson said that although the application is found on Facebook, there is no direct partnership between the two companies. She said that Facebook was, however, an idyllic platform for launching the amalgam of sex toys and online networking.

“Facebook has already established itself as a great place to flirt and have fun,” Wilkinson said. “Our idea was to add some extra excitement to online flirting, and then allow people to transform their enjoyment in to orgasmic offline pleasure with the Love Bunny vibrator.”

The Love Bunny application can be found and launched on Facebook at