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Video: Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’ Redefine the Web

Calling it “a faster, more beautiful reading experience,” Facebook has launched its Instant Articles platform, which is poised to redefine today’s Internet.

Eldorado Facebook Promotion Offering VIP Trip to Spring ILS

Eldorado announced that it is offering customers and fans a VIP trip to the spring ILS show in March.

Judge Won't Dismiss Privacy Suit Against Facebook

A federal judge yesterday refused to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that claims Facebook illegally scans privates messages for targeted advertising purposes.

Facebook Plans to Limit 'Spammy' Posts in News Feed

Starting in January, Facebook plans on minimizing the number of users who view a brand’s overly promotional organic posts in News Feed. The move by Facebook means the days are numbered for some marketers using the platform to get messages across for free.

Dark Days for The Dark Web

Days after Facebook revealed the availability of Dark Web access to its social network, a major bust reinforces the “shady underground” perception of this shadowy segment of the Internet.

Facebook Cracking Down on Stage Names for User Profiles

Drag personality Sister Roma has stepped up her argument against Facebook, taking to Twitter and letting followers know that "this issue is not going away."

Facebook Messenger Is Censoring Some Porn Sites, Report Says

Facebook Messenger, the new mobile app, censors some porn sites, according to a blog post on Reason.com today.

Aurora Snow Blasts Facebook for Shutting Porn Star Accounts

Adult performer Aurora Snow wants to know why Facebook discriminates against porn stars?

Woman Sues Facebook for $123 Million Over 'Revenge Porn' Account

A Texas woman has filed a $123 million suit against Facebook and a former friend over a revenge porn-type account that featured her face photoshopped on naked bodies in pornographic scenes.


Facing Facebook: Quick-Start Guide to Getting Results

Wondering where your traffic went? Facebook is one answer, and you should be there with your customers, too. For those who have been reluctant to use this popular platform, here’s a quick-start guide to getting results:

Stephen Yagielowicz ·

Sasha Grey's Facebook Inspires Dave Grohl-Produced Song

Singer/songwriter Kristeen Young was compelled to write "The Pictures of Sasha Grey" after viewing "vile-spewing comments" posted on the Facebook page of the now-retired porn star. "I loved how she just ignored it all, living her fabulous life," Young said. "She was truly rising above."

Facebook Buys Oculus VR for $2 Billion

Facebook believes that virtual reality is the future — and laid down a cool $2 billion to prove it.

Buck Angel Praises Facebook's New Gender Parameters

Buck Angel, transgender porn star, advocate and educator, has taken a strong supportive stance on behalf of Facebook’s recent — and extensive — expansion of gender options for users.

Fubar Webmasters Now Powered by ADVIDI on Facebook

Fubar Webmasters on Monday announced it is now showcasing its international event coverage with the help of ADVIDI on its Facebook page.

Spammer Used Bogus Sex Tape to Lure Traffic, Suit Says

A "recidivist spammer and abuser of Facebook" orchestrated an elaborate scheme to nab traffic and sell volumes of it by using a bogus Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez sex tape in its ploy, according to a lawsuit.

Jesse Jane Reaches 1M 'Likes' on Facebook

Digital Playground contract star Jesse Jane has surpassed 1 million "likes" on Facebook.


Facebook Censorship Hits The ACLU – The Epitome Of Irony

<p>Between Google, Wikipedia, Bing, RedBook and the Ladies Home Journal, there aren't many mainstream media or tech outlets that haven't stuck an angry finger up the butt of Porn lately to supress it, take away its traffic and simply be annoying in a destructive way

Colin Rowntree ·

SLS Specialty Bolsters Marketing With Facebook Page

SLS Specialty today introduced an interactive Facebook page to complement its weekly email-based announcements and give social-media-savvy customers immediate access to product specials.

Facebook Banning Ads on Pages With Adult Content

Beginning today, Facebook is not permitting ads on its Pages and Groups that sell adult products or it deems as containing any violent, graphic or sexual content.

U.K. Calls Summit With Google, Microsoft, Facebook to Block Porn

British Culture Secretary Maria Miller has summoned the leaders of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and U.K.-based ISPs to a summit in two weeks to request closer industrywide cooperation to block unwanted online content.