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Critics Lambast Revised Version of Controversial KOSA Bill

The main U.S. Senate sponsors of the controversial Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) have released a new version of the bill, which they claim addresses privacy and censorship issues flagged by opponents, but critics insist the revised version still presents insurmountable problems.

Religiously Motivated Anti-Porn Groups Sign Letter Endorsing KOSA

Several major religiously inspired anti-porn lobbies, including NCOSE, have endorsed a letter to the U.S. Senate supporting the controversial Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA), a bill that digital rights and free speech advocates have warned will limit online free speech.

Ugandan Police Arrest 7 Women Suspected of Making Adult Content

Ugandan police this weekend arrested seven women suspected of producing adult content.

Vice Report Eviscerates UK MP's Anti-Porn Propaganda Report

Vice this week published an article criticizing a report by the U.K.’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation (APPG-CSE), which repeated anti-porn myths and recommended a state crackdown on sexual expression online.

Visa Bows to Media Pressure, Suspends MindGeek's TrafficJunky

In the face of media pressure from billionaire investor Bill Ackman, religiously inspired anti-porn activist Laila Mickelwait and attorney Michael Bowe, who formerly represented Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr., Visa announced today that it will suspend card acceptance for MindGeek’s ad network TrafficJunky until further notice. 

Billionaire Investor Bill Ackman, Anti-Porn Activist Laila Mickelwait Target Visa, Pornhub on CNBC

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman teamed up with religiously motivated anti-porn crusader Laila Mickelwait on CNBC today, to target Visa for processing payments for MindGeek and Pornhub.

Washington Times' Latest Anti-Porn Propaganda Piece Actually Written by Priest

The Washington Times published today an anti-porn propaganda piece titled “Former Porn Stars Recall Industry Abuses, Struggles” and quoting a handful of performers-turned-religious-crusaders who have not been active in the industry for over a decade — without disclosing that the author is actually a Catholic priest.

Fox News, Conservative Think Tank Renew Call for OnlyFans Porn Ban

After a few days of positive mainstream media coverage of sex worker rights, and hours after OnlyFans announced it had reversed its decision to ban porn from the platform beginning October 1, conservative voices renewed their call for adult content censorship.

Anti-Porn Crusader Rebrands as 'Non-Religious,' Initiates Civil Lawsuits

Leading anti-porn crusader Laila Mickelwait — until last year a mouthpiece for the religious ministry Exodus Cry — has completed her rebranding with the full launch of a website called “Justice Defense Fund,” promoting “civil litigation and legislation” against adult content websites.

Canada Asks Citizens, Stakeholders for Input on New Online Content Regulation

The Canadian government is inviting “stakeholders and Canadians” to submit comments regarding a current proposal to regulate online content, which was prompted by the recent parliamentary hearings targeting Pornhub and its parent company, MindGeek.

DOJ Releases Statement on Sentencing of GirlsDoPorn Recruiter

The U.S. Department of Justice released a statement regarding the June 14 sentencing of GirlsDoPorn (GDP) recruiter and male talent Ruben Andre "Dre" Garcia to 20 years in prison for “conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion.”

MindGeek Calls Criminal Allegations in Civil Suit Over Third-Party Content 'Absurd, Reckless'

MindGeek has responded to the massive civil lawsuit filed yesterday by a group of attorneys, headed by a former lawyer for Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. on behalf of women whose videos were uploaded onto Pornhub by third parties, by reiterating their commitment to “eradicating illegal content" and by having implemented earlier this year “the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history." 

Massive Civil Lawsuit Filed Against MindGeek, Others Over 3rd-Party Content

A legal team headed by Michael J. Bowe, the former lawyer for Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr., filed a massive civil lawsuit in California today against Pornhub parent company MindGeek, its officials and investors, on behalf of 34 women who allege they were “human trafficked” by the company in relation to allegedly illegal videos uploaded by third parties onto its flagship tube site.

Canadian Parliamentary Committee Publishes Report on MindGeek, Pornhub

After several months of hearings — in which MPs from the entire Canadian political spectrum welcomed U.S. anti-porn activists and liability lawyers with open arms, grilled Canadian MindGeek execs as if they were criminals, and first refused to invite and then silenced sex workers — the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics of Canada’s House of Commons finally issued its report and recommendations on “Protection of Privacy and Reputation on Platforms such as Pornhub.”

Canada: MP Describes Pornhub, MindGeek Hearings as a 'Dysfunctional Circus'

Members of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics of Canada’s House of Commons are now expressing concern about the committee’s treatment of witnesses during their hearings targeting MindGeek and Pornhub, after sex worker advocates who tried to speak to the committee on April 19 shared their negative experiences.

Pornhub: Canadian MPs Finally Invite Sex Worker Advocates

Late last Friday, the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics of Canada’s House of Commons finally caved in to public concerns about bias and invited three representatives from sex worker advocacy groups to ongoing hearings today targeting MindGeek and Pornhub.

Mastercard Tightens Payment Regulations for 'Sellers of Adult Content'

Mastercard Inc. is “updating the requirements it sets for banks that process payments for sellers of adult content,” according to Bloomberg News.

Anti-Porn Crusaders NCOSE, Exodus Cry to Brief Congressional Staff Today

As part of their “Dismantle Pornhub” campaign, leading religiously inspired anti-porn crusading group NCOSE (formerly known as Morality in Media) will be holding an “online briefing for U.S. congressional staff” today.

Anti-Porn Activist Laila Mickelwait Invited to U.S. Congress to Denounce Pornhub

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Financial Services today invited the mouthpiece of anti-porn crusading group Exodus Cry, Laila Haddad Mickelwait, to a speak at a hearing titled “Ending Exploitation: How the Financial System Can Work to Dismantle the Business of Human Trafficking.”

Pornhub: Canadian MPs Welcome Anti-Porn Activists as Witnesses

The Canadian House of Commons’ Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics held its third meeting today regarding MindGeek's content moderation, with testimony by three alleged subjects of illegal videos, followed by presentations by a Canadian law enforcement expert, a Canadian domestic violence advocate and two U.S. witnesses: Manhattan liability lawyer Michael Bowe, and leading anti-porn activist Laila Mickelwait of Exodus Cry.