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CockyBoys Releases Bruce LaBruce's 'Purple Army Faction'

CockyBoys has announced that four new scenes from writer/director Bruce LaBruce and Jake Jaxson are now available in their entirety: “Devil in Madrid,” “Flea Pit,” “Uber Menschen” and “Purple Army Faction.”

CockyBoys Collaborates With Bruce LaBruce in 'Flea Pit'

CockyBoys has announced the release of “Flea Pit,” a collaboration with Bruce LaBruce. The feature stars Levi Karter, Arad Winwin, Dato Foland and Valentin Braun in a theater orgy.

CockyBoys Releases Boomer Banks' Condomless Bottoming Debut

CockyBoys and BoomBoxxx have announced the release of their newest scene, “CockyBoys: Fans Only!” starring Boomer Banks.

CockyBoys Launches 'Fans Only' Content

CockyBoys has announced an all-new content format that begins today called "CockyBoys: Fans Only!"

CockyBoys Unveils 1st Episode of 'All Saints'

CockyBoys has announced the release of the first scene in its new series, “All Saints,” which is over a year in the making.


CockyBoys Founder Jake Jaxson Discusses Collaboration With Indie Film Director Bruce LaBruce

Bruce LaBruce, the director of such iconoclastic, provocative indie films as “No Skin Off My Ass” (1993), “Super 8 ½” (1994), “Hustler White” (1996), “The Raspberry Reich” (2004) and 2010’s “L.A. Zombie” starring gay adult megastar Francois Sagat — is once again making waves in all-male adult with the first of a series of short films produced by New York-based, XBIZ Award-winning CockyBoys.

JC Adams ·

Jake Jaxson, Bruce LaBruce Team Up for CockyBoys' 'Diablo in Madrid'

CockyBoys has announced the release of “Diablo in Madrid,” which marks the first title in the company’s collaboration with adult filmmaker Bruce LaBruce.

CockyBoys Star Carter Dane Joins Fleshjack Lineup

CockyBoys star Carter Dane's line of Fleshjack toys have arrived for sale exclusively on, the sex toy maker said.

CockyBoys Inks European DVD Distro Deal With Vimpex

Gay adult studio CockyBoys and wholesaler Vimpex Media have entered into a long-term exclusive DVD distribution deal covering all European territories, the companies announced today.

Sean Zevran Signs On as CockyBoys Exclusive

CockyBoys has announced that 2017 XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year Sean Zevran has signed a long-term exclusive contract with CockyBoys.


Adult Film Producers Discuss Enduring Appeal of DVDs

The adult entertainment industry has long been known for its ability to jump on new technologies and quickly find their money-making potential. That was true when the VHS market exploded in the 1980s and the internet emerged in the 1990s, and it certainly didn’t take adult film studios long to embrace DVDs.

Alex Henderson ·

CockyBoys Releases 1st Episode of 'Porn This Way' Series

CockyBoys today released the first episode of a new series titled, “Porn This Way, with the debut scene shot on location at the Schwules Museum in Berlin.


Online Porn Consumption Grows With Expanding Digital Media Platforms

In many ways, the sex acts that occur in front of the camera in porn have remained relatively static over the years. What has changed is how viewers are accessing these images on computers, TVs, cellphones and now VR headsets that support ever-greater resolution and processing power.

Shawn Alff ·

Adult Filmmakers Talk Latest Trends, Innovations in Video Production

The only thing that changes faster than the faces in front of cameras in porn is the technology behind those cameras. The craft of video production is an invisible one. Content creators often strive to produce a seamless product that further blurs the division between fantasy and reality.

Shawn Alff ·

Pierre Fitch Returns to Biz in New CockyBoys Scene

Pierre Fitch is back with CockyBoys after a hiatus. In his comeback, Fitch is paired in an “epic flip scene” with studio exclusive Calvin Banks.

3 CockyBoys Stars Joining Fleshjack Lineup

CockyBoys has announced that three of its most popular models Carter Dane, Ricky Roman and Allen King will be added to the CockyBoy's Fleshjack lineup. Debuts 'Camp CockyBoys'

CockyBoys has announced the release of the first installment in their new series "Camp CockyBoys," the title of which is a play on the nickname for the CockyBoys' upstate country estate.

Bruce LaBruce, CockyBoys Collaborating on Shorts Anthology

CockyBoys announced today the collaboration of a short-film anthology with iconic writer and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, known for blending the artistic and production techniques of independent film with gay porn.

CockyBoys Winner of 4 Grabby Awards

Gay adult studio CockyBoys took home four Grabbys at this year’s show held over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

CockyBoys Releases New 'Meet the MoreCocks' Episode

CockyBoys today released the third episode of its behind-the-scenes docuseries, “Meet the MoreCocks.”