Bruce LaBruce, CockyBoys Collaborating on Shorts Anthology

Bruce LaBruce, CockyBoys Collaborating on Shorts Anthology

NEW YORK — CockyBoys announced today the collaboration of a short-film anthology with iconic writer and filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, known for blending the artistic and production techniques of independent film with gay porn.

CockyBoys founder Jake Jaxson is currently on-location in Berlin along with LaBruce and an all-star cast and production team producing an anthology of four short films featuring Francois Segat, Colby Keller, Dato Foland and Arad WinWin, along with exclusives Sean Ford, Levi Karter, Calvin Banks and Allen King.

The short film anthology is LaBruce's first gay adult project since “LA Zombie,” which debuted more than seven years ago.

"Working with Bruce on this anthology is a dream come true,” Jaxson said. “I have been a fan of his work from the first time I saw Hustler White. A few years ago we met at a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and since then we had discussed ways to possibility work together.  

“So, a few months back he sent me some scripts to consider, and it was everything I have always loved in his work — irreverent, satyrical, funny and sexy. And once we added some of our performers to the mix, I was all in,” Jaxson said. “I'm thrilled with what they have been shooting and what's to come — a true Bruce La Bruce film experience for both our performers and our members."

The first two films were shot on location in Madrid and the final two are being completed now in Berlin. 

“Since the release of his achingly sexy 1991 film 'No Skin Off My Ass,' we at TLA have been huge supporters of Bruce LaBruce,“ said Erik Schut, managing director at “From his classic Tony Ward-led ‘Hustler White’ and ‘Raspberry Reich’ to his forays into the word of actual all-male porn with the explosive’ Skin Gang’ and erotically blood-soaked ‘L.A. Zombie’ starring Francois Sagat, all of his films are unique experiences.

“He’s a true visionary, and his films never cease to amaze, antagonize, challenge, confront, rile up, teach and entertain. What more could one want from an artist?”

LaBruce said, "I've always been intrigued by the CockyBoys brand, and as I like to keep my hand in the porn biz, I met with Jake and the boys in the spring in New York to discuss a collaboration.”

“Jake is always open to new ideas, so I proposed a kind of omnibus film, a package of four short films with interrelated themes,” LaBruce said. “Things move fast in the porn world, so we shot the first two films in Madrid in early June, and now two more in Berlin in July.

“We flew in some of my very favorite CockyBoys, including Colby Keller, whom I had been eager to work with for some time. The concept includes more high-end production values than are usually found in porn, with an emphasis on characters and narrative. The resulting four films — Diablo in Madrid, Uber Menschen, The Purple Army Faction and Fleapit — represent an attempt to return to more classical forms of porn storytelling.”

The first two shorts will premiere only on the last week in October, with the final two short films being released before Christmas. The DVD will be released before the end of the year.