CockyBoys Launches 'Fans Only' Content

CockyBoys Launches 'Fans Only' Content

NEW YORK — CockyBoys has announced an all-new content format that begins today called "CockyBoys: Fans Only!"

According to a company rep, "The format is performer-generated content done in a high quality fashion. These scenes allow CockyBoys models to produce the content that they want on their own terms. The first release is live today and features CockyBoys superstar Boomer Banks with fellow gay porn superstar Jack Hunter. This unforgettable scene is the first condomless release from CockyBoys in their 10-year history.

"The goal with 'CockyBoys: Fans Only!' is to help their many exclusive performers produce the best quality content, within industry standards, so that their hard work can also live beyond just the curated space of CockyBoys," they continued. "Beyond being paid for their work and effort, CockyBoys is happy to announce that the exclusive performers who produce content will also be paid a percentage of gross revenue from all exploitation of their work in DVD, VOD and licensing.  

"In his new CockyBoys studio imprint, Boomer Banks, is ready to go condomless," added the rep. "Having reached the pinnacle of the gay porn world and having shot in every position known, he’s ready to break out of the 'Box' and now make his own rules while creating this new studio imprint on CockyBoys called BoomBoxxx. Fans will see Boomer like never before as he explores and experiments with a variety of men, boys and (boy)toys that he has had relationships with both on and off camera."

Remarking upon the new line, Banks said, "When Jake first approached me to create a new studio imprint for 'CockyBoys: Fans Only!' I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.  It was going to be different from what’s currently in the site, namely that it would be shot skin-to-skin (condomless), and it would be more of a reflection of what I enjoy in my real life, with the kind of men and beautiful boys that I’m fortunate to know and love.

"As always, CockyBoys got behind me 100 percent and has encouraged, taught and supported me every step of the way," he explained. "And for now, I see this as another leg in this, my exciting journey, one that I thought would have been over years ago. So, I’m grateful, and maybe a little nervous, but mostly eager to explore this next chapter."

The company said that fans can expect to see more new "CockyBoys: Fans Only!" content from Banks, Ricky Roman, Josh Moore, Levi Karter, Taylor Reign, Cory Cane and many more released in the coming weeks. If all goes well, fans can further expect to see more and more of "CockyBoys: Fans Only!" popping up regularly on the award-winning membership site.

CockyBoys' owner Jake Jason said, "We couldn't be more excited about 'CockyBoys: Fans Only!' Over the years, our fan and performer relationships have played out on social media, at award shows, book signings, club nights, fan events and most recently our 'Show Your Pride Pool Party' at Camp CockyBoys. Over the last year, many fans have been connecting more and more through individual performer-generated fan sites, which is a great way to see your favorite performer in their 'natural habitat,' so to speak. So now, more than ever, I believe is a perfect time to help our exclusive models continue to produce and create content that they like, when they like, how they like and with whom they like."

The first "CockyBoys: Fans Only!" scene between Banks and Hunter is now playing exclusively for members only.