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Italian Judges Give Lesser Sentence to Murderer of OnlyFans Creator, Calling Her 'Uninhibited'

In a controversial statement justifying their sentence of 30 years rather than life in prison for the man convicted of murdering European performer and OnlyFans creator Charlotte Angie, the Italian judges in the case referred to the victim as an “uninhibited” woman who made her killer feel “used.”

Content Partner Convicted in Murder of Euro Performer Charlotte Angie

The neighbor and content partner of European performer Charlotte Angie has been convicted in Italy for her 2022 murder.

New Book Probes Life, Murder of Euro Performer Charlotte Angie

The January 2022 murder of Euro performer Charlotte Angie is the subject of a new nonfiction book by an Italian journalist who was personally involved in the search and eventual capture of the confessed killer.

Charlotte Angie's Murderer Was Also Adult Content Partner

More details have emerged about the murder of Euro performer Charlotte Angie by a man who was her neighbor and briefly her romantic partner, and who also collaborated with her on her self-shot adult content.

Euro Performer Charlotte Angie Identified by Tattoos as Murder Victim

Italian authorities have been able to identify a body found dismembered into 15 pieces as that of Euro adult performer Charlotte Angie, by her distinctive tattoos.