Italian Judges Give Lesser Sentence to Murderer of OnlyFans Creator, Calling Her 'Uninhibited'

Italian Judges Give Lesser Sentence to Murderer of OnlyFans Creator, Calling Her 'Uninhibited'

MILAN — In a controversial statement justifying their sentence of 30 years rather than life in prison for the man convicted of murdering European performer and OnlyFans creator Charlotte Angie, the Italian judges in the case referred to the victim as an “uninhibited” woman who made her killer feel “used.”

As XBIZ reported, Angie’s neighbor and content partner Davide Fontana was sentenced last month for beating Angie to death in 2022 while allegedly shooting a BDSM scene, and then chopping up her body and disposing of it.

After becoming an OnlyFans creator to support herself during the pandemic, the 26-year-old single mother collaborated with her 43-year-old neighbor, Fontana, a bank employee and sometime food blogger.

Fontana confessed after his arrest that during their last shoot, after binding Angie, he took a hammer and started hitting her all over her body and on her covered head. He confessed that he then cut her throat with a kitchen knife “to avoid making her suffer.”

The next day, Fontana took Angie’s car to a local store and bought a hatchet and a hacksaw, then later “returned to the victim’s house, untied the body, freed it from the adhesive tape and began to tear it to pieces,” according to the Corriere Della Sera newspaper. As the days went by, Fontana bought a large freezer chest on Amazon to store the body parts and methodically cleaned the murder scene.

The judges at the Court of Assizes of Busto Arsizio — who convene beneath a large “The Law Is Equal for Everybody” sign — issued a statement justifying their leniency.

Fontana, the judges wrote, bludgeoned the model to death when he realized she “was moving away from him, dumping him.”

In florid language strikingly similar to that found in subreddits for incels, the judges further mused: “The idea of losing stable contact with her whom he, by his own admission and according to his witness friend, loved madly, and on whom he substantially depended since she had allowed him to overcome the solitude in which he was consumed previously, allowing him to finally live in a way that was different and gratifying, proved unbearable.”

Fontana, the judges continued, realized that “the young and uninhibited” Angie had “to some extent used him to better pursue her personal and professional interests and this unleashed the ‘homicidal action.’ It was not jealousy that drove the defendant but the awareness of having lost his beloved, accompanied by a growing sense of frustration at having been used and put aside by her.”

Italian commentators have questioned the language in the judges’ statement, prompting tribunal president Giuseppe Fazio to defend their decision and peculiar narrative by insisting that he would have used the same words even had Angie “been a nun.”

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