Charlotte Angie's Murderer Was Also Adult Content Partner

Charlotte Angie's Murderer Was Also Adult Content Partner

MILAN, Italy — More details have emerged about the murder of Euro performer Charlotte Angie by a man who was her neighbor and briefly her romantic partner, and who also collaborated with her on her self-shot adult content.

The accused murderer, Davide Fontana, and Angie were neighbors in an apartment building in Rescaldina, near Milan.

According to the Corriere Della Sera, before the pandemic, Carol Maltesi (Angie's legal name) worked at the Parfois boutique at the Malpensa airport.

Maltesi was a 26-year-old single mother of a boy who lived in Verona with an ex, and whom she visited every two weeks. She also had family in Holland and considered herself Italian-Dutch.

During the lockdown and the cancellation of European travel, Maltesi quit her now-desolate airport job and decided to pursue a career in online porn as “Charlotte Angie."

"Charlotte Angie" emerged first on OnlyFans. To shoot her first scenes, Angie collaborated with her 43-year-old neighbor, Fontana, a bank employee and sometime food blogger and now her confessed murderer. Angie would be quickly discovered as fresh, new talent and shoot for European studios.

Fontana had separated from his wife in March 2021, because of his relationship with Angie. But that relationship allegedly did not last longer than a month, and Fontana described it as open.

During the summer of 2021, shortly after breaking off her romance with Fontana, Angi made the decision to devote all her energy to her adult career.

She told former co-workers that she was proud of her decision and was doing it “for her earnings, because it was an environment in which she felt comfortable and because in this way she could give a better future to her son.”

A Jilted Partner Snaps

According to Fontana’s confession, in late 2021 or very early 2022 Angie informed him that she intended to move away from Rescaldina and commute between Verona, where her six-year-old son lives, and Prague, where she hoped to develop her incipient career as a performer in the European adult industry.

“I could not accept living without her,” Fontana told the authorities. “She was the one who was everything to me.”

According to Fontana, Angie had agreed to shoot a BDSM sex video sometime in January 2022 and they had agreed on the setup, including her being bound, her mouth being taped shut and her head covered with a hood, possibly a plastic bag.

The video was to be shot in the upper floor of Angie’s apartment, in a shooting/camming area Angie had set up with a dancing pole and cameras. The pole area was surrounded with a large quantity of stuffed animals, which the prosecutor noted “with sadness” as perhaps belonging to Angie’s child or perhaps to her.

“The moment I found the hammer in my hand, I thought I would lose it,” Fontana told the authorities.

“I took her hammer and started hitting her all over her body, not hard, starting from her legs up,” Fontana confessed, implying that the hammer had perhaps been part of the prearranged video.

“Then when I got to the head,” he continued, “I started hitting it hard, I'm not sure why. I do not know what happened. She was moving with her head and I kept hitting her but I don't know where because she had the bag.”

After lifting the hood and noticing Angie's leg was still moving, Fontana cut her throat with a kitchen knife “to avoid making her suffer,” he told authorities.

“I spent half an hour looking at it and went back to my house,” he added. "I recorded everything with my iPhone, but I deleted the second video.”

The Aftermath

The next day, according to the Corriere Della Sera, Fontana took Angie’s car to a local store and bought a hatchet and a hacksaw. The following day, Fontana “returned to the victim's house, untied the body, freed it from the adhesive tape and began to tear it to pieces,” according to the paper.

"I think it took me an hour-and-a-half or two,” he told the authorities.

The next day, he put the body parts in five bags and left them in the bedroom. That is when he bought a large chest freezer online on Amazon, delivered three days later, and blackout curtains to cover the living room window overlooking the street. Fontana also bought equipment to burn the body, “but I returned it without opening it a few days later,” he confessed.

During this time, according to authorities, Fontana methodically cleaned the murder scene, although forensic experts did find some minute traces of blood this week.

From January to March, Fontana used Angie’s phone to impersonate her on her social media accounts, and also paid her rent and bills.

Through those months, Fontana travelled around the Northern Italian countryside looking for places and methods to dispose of the body.

During a trip to a villa in Vararo, where he failed in his attempt to burn Angie’s remains, Fontana found the time to review the lodging online, writing that the villa was “a magical place to spend the time in total relaxation.”

As XBIZ reported, authorities found the body parts, including some with distinctive tattoos, on March 20, 2022, apparently the same day Fontana finally disposed of them by throwing them down a cliff in Valcamonica

Eight days later, Fontana went to the authorities to report Angie’s disappearance. He later said that he wanted the body parts to be identified, and that he had intended to return to his apartment and commit suicide.

“Instead he collapsed in the evening, under the weight of his contradictions,” the Corriere Della Sera reported.

'A Crime of Passion'

Fontana gave a detailed confession to the prosecutor and the carabinieri, in front of the investigating judge of Brescia, Angela Corvi, who confirmed his arrest for aggravated voluntary murder.

According to press reports, authorities have not found any kind of psychiatric precedent on Fontana’s record and are labeling the brutal murder of the sex worker as “a crime of passion.”

Fontana’s lawyer, Stefano Paloschi, told the Corriere Della Sera that “with his confession, [Fontana] came out of a nightmare he had been living for two months.”


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