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APHSS Changes Name to ‘PASS’

The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) today announced that APHSS (Adult Production Health & Safety Services), the adult performer-testing program, will change its name to PASS, an acronym for Performer Availability Screening Services.

Confirmatory Tests Returned: Cameron Bay Tests Positive for HIV

The Free Speech Coalition issued a statement late Thursday confirming adult performer Cameron Bay as HIV positive.

ATMLA Owner Mark Schechter Releases Statement Regarding HIV Case

Mark Schechter, owner of ATMLA, on Thursday released an official statement regarding the possible HIV case involving one of the performers on his roster.

FSC on HIV Case: 'No Indication of On-Set Transmission'

Free Speech Coalition issued a statement late Wednesday night regarding an adult performer testing positive for HIV this week, noting there is "no indication of on-set transmission."

APHSS Works to Identify ‘First Generation’ of Scene Partners of HIV-Positive Performer

Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition which administers Adult Production Health & Safety Services, said Wednesday afternoon that APHSS was in the process of identifying the “first generation” of scene partners of the performer who tested HIV positive.

APHSS Issues Clarification on New Performer Testing Protocols

Some performers have contacted Free Speech Coalition and Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS) to clarify if STD tests taken previous to Monday, Aug. 19, will still be valid.

APHSS Announces New Protocols for Performer Testing

Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS) has announced that beginning on Monday, additional tests will be added to the regular STD testing panels for adult performers.

Lisa Ann: Male Performer Tested Positive for Hepatitis

A veteran male performer may have recently worked in porn scenes despite testing positive for hepatitis, adult film star Lisa Ann told XBIZ Sunday night.

APHSS Reports Male Performer Retests 'Negative' for Syphilis

Free Speech Coalition's Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS) on Thursday announced that the results from two separate confirmatory tests on the male performer thought to have possibly contracted syphilis have come back negative.

FSC Addresses Possible Syphilis Case

Free Speech Coalition's Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS) issued a statement late Monday addressing rumors of a new syphilis positive performer in the adult industry.

Adult Film Performer Tests Positive for HIV; No Further Transmission

An adult film performer has tested HIV-positive, the APHSS.org said today.

Lylith LaVey Claims Mr. Marcus Shoot Led to Emotional Distress

Mr. Marcus' attorney says that performer Lylith LaVey's emotional distress suit against the male porn star at epicenter of last year's syphilis-infection outbreak is full of holes because she knew the risks involved in shoots.

APHSS: Talent No Longer Required to Include Trep-Sure Test on STD Panel

Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS) and its medical advisory board have announced that, effective this Thursday, active performers will no longer be required to include the Trep-Sure (syphilis) test on the STD testing panel.

APHSS Announces Protocol Revisions, New Vegas Clinic

Adult Production Health & Safety Services on Friday announced two changes in its program — the first a change in protocol and the second the addition of a testing center in Las Vegas.

Talent Testing Service Now an Endorsed APHSS Provider

The Free Speech Coalition's APHSS performer service division said Wednesday that Talent Testing Service has signed on as a fully endorsed provider to its database system.

APHSS Offering Industry Speedy Performer Medical Test Verification

In an effort to speed up verification of medical tests for performers in light of the recent film production moratorium, Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS.org) is requesting that producers and agents directly contact the organization.

FSC Clarifies CDC, FDA and APHSS Standards for HIV, Syphilis

The Free Speech Coalition and APHSS have issued comments to clarify the choice of the Trep-Sure syphilis test, as well as industry testing for HIV.

APHSS Doctors Identify Syphilis Test With 14-Day Window Period

After continued and exhaustive research, Adult Production Health & Safety Services doctors have discovered a new test for syphilis — Treponemal EIA, the organization announced Wednesday.

Mr. Marcus Disputes SF Weekly Story

Adult performer Mr. Marcus, who last week admitted he covered up a positive syphilis test and also went along with what he alleged was an industry testing lab helping him with a cover-up so that he could continue working, told XBIZ late Tuesday that a story published today by San Francisco Weekly took his remarks out of context.

APHSS: STI Testing, Treatments Proceed

Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS.org) on Tuesday released an update regarding the current developments with syphilis testing and treatments for adult performers.