FSC Addresses Possible Syphilis Case

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition's Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS) issued a statement late Monday addressing rumors of a new syphilis positive performer in the adult industry.

The statement read:

"FSC wishes to address rumors of a syphilis 'outbreak' in the adult industry. A performer tested positive for syphilis on one type of test and negative on another, and we are awaiting the results of definitive confirmatory tests.

"FSC's Adult Performer Health and Safety Services (APHSS.org) will follow sound medical practices for either positive or negative test results as directed by the doctors associated with the program. Only if and when a positive confirmation is received, FSC will follow the notification protocols already in place.

"Patient privacy and respect are of utmost importance to us and we encourage responsible reporting rather than the spread of misinformation by rumor mill opportunists who may take this situation as prospect for media attention."

The FSC/APHSS statement counters a statement issued Monday by Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is the major proponent of Measure B, the mandatory condom law that passed in L.A. County last November.

Weinstein called on County health officials to "fully investigate this latest syphilis case," suggesting the situation "could have been prevented if County officials had even bothered to enforce Measure B after it was passed by a clear majority of County voters last Fall."

The performer whose test results are in question is a male, according to industry sources.