Quickshot Vantage Value Pack

Quickshot Vantage Value Pack

If you ever need a gift last second for any occasion perhaps you should look into this Quickshot Vantage. Whether you have a friend that is getting married, having a birthday, or looking for a little something for yourself. What could be better than a pocket pussy value pack?

This package contains a "Superskin Sleeve" open-ended stroker with a four-ounce bottle of water-based lube and another same sized bottle of toy cleaner. The Quickshot Vantage is smaller than a normal Fleshlight-style stroker. This model is only about five inches long and has a clear plastic center grip versus having the flashlight style grip. The inner texture is ribbed with the exposed ends adding a layer of cushion before hitting the hard plastic grip. I never had an issue with the grip hurting any body parts. Also included is a convenient case in which to store your Fleshlight. It has helped keep mine clean and dry after cleaning.

Product Description:

This value pack brings you everything that's great about the Fleshlight stroker experience –– and more. Because sometimes you just need a Quickshot of release and relief.
Chelston and Tracy-Lynn