Joanna Angel Fleshlight - Butt

Joanna Angel Fleshlight - Butt
The Punk Rock Porn Princess has finally graced our cocks with her ass and her very own punk texture. I have had my share of Fleshlights in my day and this has BLOWN THEM OUT OF THE WATER. (Yes, that is all caps.) I really can’t explain it, you can play around with the amount of suction that is applied with the bottom cap and when you get it just right, Joanna Angel’s Punk Ass just pulls the cum right out of you to the point where you almost pass out from perfect orgasmic bliss. Fleshlight has really outdone itself with the Joanna Angel Punk Ass and, well, I couldn’t be happier.

Market Appeal

Joanna Angel has become a staple in the pornographic universe that we all know and love. She has been producing and directing her own, very hot and very — for lack of a more perfect word — punk pornography that has become the trend and style all other companies try to immolate but never duplicate. With that being said pairing a Joanna Angel Fleshlight near the decade-long catalog of Burning Angel Productions will have you calling Fleshlight saying “Hey Fleshlight, we’re out of Punk Asses! Send more now!”

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Manufacturer Description:

The Joanna Angel Fleshlight is molded to look identical to her real ass and the inside is filled with the Lotus texture that mimics the smooth soft touch of skin.

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