Mr. Boss

Fun Factory
Mr. Boss

This guy is about to be the boss of your vagina. Mr Boss from Fun Factory is a strong battery-operated vibe.

Don’t let the battery turn you off, because this is special kind of battery toy. You can purchase the hybrid kit from Fun Factory that turns a handful of their battery toys into rechargeable ones. How cool is that option?

It has an easy-to-use push-button control that lights up and allows you to cycle through its functions. This vibe hits all your sweet spots and makes your G-spot scream with delight. It is made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof for shower fun. This will be your new favorite boss.

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Product Description:

We’ve fixed all of the disadvantages of battery toys, kept the advantages, and added some more! MR BOSS, from our game-changing BATTERY+ line, has the most powerful battery-operated motor on the market, takes standard or rechargeable batteries (and knows the difference between them), and can even be effectively upgraded to a rechargeable toy with the addition of a HYBRID KIT if you decide you want to make the switch. That’s right, we’ve invented patented new technology to change your relationship to your vibrator in ways you’ll love.
Lucy Vonne