Bull Bag Buzz

Perfect Fit Brand
Bull Bag Buzz

First and foremost — two sets of extra batteries! Two! The Bullbag Buzz by Perfect Fit Brand brings a whole new twist to the ball-bag playing field. While having the design of a cinch bag, the Bullbag has a powerful bullet located at the bottom with various settings. The bullet holder is one of the best I have ever seen. Molded within the pouch, there are two inlets for the vibrator to nestle in. The silicone is pliable enough to push the "On" button that doubles as a vibration setting.

Market Appeal

The packaging is your basic see-through clamshell showing you exactly what you are in store for.

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Product Description:

Bull Bag Buzz Vibrating Bull Bag Available In Black And Clear Frost Color Item: PFB-BS-32
Chelston and Tracy-Lynn