HellHouse Patriots Strike Back, Offer Affiliates Free Gas

Ericka Jensen
SEATTLE — HellHouse Media is helping to fight the high cost of gasoline with a new program promotion.

Starting today, affiliate webmasters who send more than three joins per day to any combination of SluttyDollars websites for an entire month period will get their gas paid for by the program. One affiliate also will be chosen each month, at random, and given the free gas promotion.

“In these uncertain economic times many people are concerned that they will not have enough to meet their basic needs,” HellHouse Media CEO Ty Gonty said. “Both parties and Congress make empty promises while the little things we have come to love and cherish as part of our fundamental freedoms as Americans hang in the balance. We believe that porn is one of those things.”

The free gas promotion covers up to $250 of gas charges per month.

"If anyone is using more than $250 worth of gas in a month these days, they just aren't promoting us enough,” Gonty told XBIZ. “No American should have choose between being able to afford to gas up their car to get to work and being able to watch their favorite slut get nailed so hard her uterus practically falls out, not in a country so bountiful with cum-guzzling cock fiends.”

Payment will be provided via prepaid gas card or debit card, depending on the affiliate's local requirements, laws, and regulations. Some details and restrictions apply.

HellHouse Media’s SluttyDollars program operates MyHandJobs, BustyMov, BarelyLegalTeenz, TaffyDevine, GirlsofWolfPacVIP and HellHouseUniversity.

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